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We are the MakeMeFine.com Team. We provide health and fitness related content which can give you knowledge about your health.


Content Team

Pranjal Deka – (Co-founder & Content Head)

Pranjal Deka - MakeMeFine

My name is Pranjal nicknamed Shane and I am a big fitness freak. At present, I am a pro marathon runner and I am also a former Taekwondo player.
In today’s world fitness have become a big issue and I want to promote fitness to each and every individual so that they can live a happy as well as healthy life. Through this blog of MakeMeFine.com I want to share my knowledge of fitness and sports.
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My only aim in life is to STAY HAPPY STAY HEALTHY.
Feel free to ask anything related to Fitness, Running, Taekwondo practice, etc. Connect with me on Social Media Platforms given below:
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TrishnaShree Nath (Co-founder & Content Strategist)

Trishnashree Nath - MakeMeFine

I write from what I know and feel. I like writing about human psyche and supernatural phenomena.
I believe that people should be healthy both physically and mentally so I share what I learned about mental health as I find that it is often overlooked.
Would you like to ask about your mental and physical health, Don’t hesitate to ask, You can post your question here thru comment or on Quora and tag me i will give the solution.
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Technical Team

Vishal Bohara (Co-founder & Digital Marketing Expert)

Vishal Bohara - SEO Expert - Make Me Fine

Vishal is a Digital Marketer and SEO Expert. He works on various types of Digital Marketing project. And here he manages the content, keyword research, topic analysis and all digital media part. Vishal and his team’s motto is to provide a genuine and accurate information to their visitors.

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