8 Amazing Benefits of Petroleum Jelly on Hair, Lips, and Skin

Benefits of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a jelly-like semisolid substance, and it is made of mineral oils and some waxes. It has been in use for more than 100 years after the accidental discovery of this substance. In the beginning, adhesive jelly was used by the workers in the factory. They used it to heal their wounds and burns. Later on, people started selling Jelly like Vaseline. Some people confuse between jelly and Vaseline but both are the same thing. There are many benefits of applying Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, from healing our wounds to treating split ends in hair.

Below are some common and effective benefits of petroleum jelly that you must try.

Benefits of Petroleum jelly on Scars and Burns

Petroleum jelly is known to be very effective in healing wounds and scars. In the early days, when it was first known, it was known only for healing scars. The Jelly keeps the skin moist. Hence, the dry skin after surgery or burns or scares stays moisturized and cool.

The jelly forms a layer and seals the skin with a water protective barrier so that bacteria from outside cannot reach the wounded flesh. But before applying the jelly makes sure the skin is dry, clean and uninfected. Otherwise, the bacteria can stay inside and cause further harm than heal.

Benefits of Petroleum jelly on Hair

Petroleum Jelly for Hair

Petroleum jelly is also beneficial for your hair. You can see the miraculous effect of petroleum jelly on hair. Split ends are a common problem for many people. Especially the harsh environment makes our hair more prone to damage and split ends.

Applying petroleum jelly on hair can protect your hair from split ends. Take some Vaseline, rub it on your palm, and apply on the bottom of your hair. This will prevent damage and add some shine to your hair. Even the damage done by sun and wind exposure can be prevented by applying Vaseline. But remember to wash it off at night or the day after, since the dirt will clog and it might make it feel heavy.

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly on Feet

Our feet go through a lot. They are exposed to dirt and are stress most and we fail to provide the correct moisturization and relaxation required. Hence, we end up with dead skin, sun damage and cracked heels. Petroleum jelly can aid in moisturization and the routine would also provide you with some relaxation to your feet and your body.

For this, take some warm water in a tub and add some salt to it. Soak your feet in the water for some time. Towel-dry your feet and apply petroleum jelly on it, and put on some cotton soak and sit back, relax.

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly on Nails

Petroleum Jelly for Nails

Like hair and feet, our nails also go dry and need moisturization. Petroleum helps in strengthening the nail immensely. Hence it will prevent the nail from breaking and also help it grow.

Before going to bed, wash your hands and apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your nails and fingers. This will help promote stronger nails, faster nail growth, healthy cuticles and also remove dead skin. You can also rub your hands with petroleum jelly/Vaseline after bath to heal the dryness from soaps and shampoo. Also applying Vaseline around the nail prevents the nail paint from staining the skin.

Benefits for Babies

Baby Hands

Petroleum jelly/Vaseline is also very useful for your little once. It’s important to take care of what you use on babies and Vaseline is safe to use on babies. It helps with diaper rashes, dry skin, and cuts since you can’t use harsh ointments on their skin. Apply Vaseline on clean dry skin of the baby during a diaper change.

When their lips go dry or in general get dry skin on hands or feet, apply some pure Jelly/Vaseline. It’s a great ointment for cuts and scars. Also, Vaseline can also be used for general moisturization.

Petroleum Jelly as Moisturizer

Petroleum Jelly for Hands

This excellent jelly is an excellent moisturization. In the very cold regions, people use a layer of petroleum jelly/Vaseline on their cheeks and lips to protect their skin from the wind burns. Applying the jelly/Vaseline on your face blocks the pores and adds moisture to the dry skin. Hence, it can be beneficial for both people with oily skin(since it prevents breakouts) and dry skin(since it adds moisture). Vaseline is non-comedogenic, which means it can be used by pregnant women also.

Despite the myth people believed for so many years, Vaseline is not harmful to acne. It does not block your pores nor does it lead to breakouts. Rather it is the perfect remedy that you have been looking for to treat your acne and scars.

For Removing Make-Up

Removing a thick layer of make-up might be a problem for the make-up lovers out there. Many girls love full coverage of flawless make-up. But removing it properly at the end of the day is also very important since you don’t want any residue on the skin.

Take it on a cotton pad and use that to take off your makeup, especially eye make. This will take all your make-up off properly and leave a clean moisturized skin.

Petroleum Jelly for Long-Lasting Perfume

For extending the life of your perfume after you apply it, use petroleum jelly. Before spraying your perfume, rub on some jelly on the skin. The moisture in this will hold the perfume and give you long-lasting smell all day. Remember to apply on the softer parts of your body like neck, wrist, and under the elbow.

Petroleum jelly has mineral oils that are very beneficial. The jelly has always been an easy and famous ingredient in use by everyone. Even though It has many benefits, remember to let it touch the eye since that can irritate at times. And it is best used at bedtime since the jelly gets enough undisturbed time from the outside environment to heal your skin.

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