How to Figure Out Your Skin Type | 2 Easy Methods to Figure Out Your Skin Type

To have perfect flawless skin, a skincare routine is all we think about. But to follow the right skincare routine it is important to figure out your skin type. Finding the right skincare routine for your skin type can be a game-changer but the routine for everyone will be different depending on your skin type. And forming a skincare routine for your skin type is far from just buying the most expensive and buzzing products in the market. Rather it’s about knowing how your skin reacts to certain ingredients and environment.


So, identifying your skin is the key. How do you figure out your skin type? There are different tests and methods to figure out your skin type, but you can also do this in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t have to be some big test or experiment, just observation and knowing how your skin feels at certain times and the environment. Hence to cultivate the most effective skincare routine for your specific skin type, we have some tips and tricks. This would help you identify your skin type without having to book a ton of appointments and consultation with experts. So, go ahead and read on to your how you can figure out your skin type at the comfort of your home.

The Simple Way To Figure Out Your Skin Type

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The Cleansing Test For Skin Type Recognition

Now, this is a very easy and simple test to start with and figure out your skin type. Here you would just need your everyday cleanser with is mild and gentle. Make sure not to use harsh cleanser or cleansers with exfoliating properties. For this simply wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry gently. Don’t put anything on your skin such as a moisturizer or serum and let it be for 60 minutes. Now, after 60 minutes observe your skin properly. You must see the following observation based on the 4 main skin types.

Oily Skin

If you check in the mirror you must see your forehead nose and cheeks very glossy. And if you touch it you must feel the excess oil builds up in your skin.

Combination Skin


Here if your check in the mirror you would see your forehead and nose and probably your chin being very glossy but your cheeks look normal or dry. This indicates that you have combination skin. Where your t-zone is oily but your cheeks are dry or normal.

Dry Skin

Check in the mirror and you would see no glossiness in your skin and if you smile or move your face you must feel your skin tight and uncomfortable. This indicates you have dry skin.

Normal Skin

Now when you look in the mirror if your skin feels clean and comfortable and also has the minimal shine you have normal skin. Normal skin would feel comfortable without any product.

Sensitive Skin

Will checking your skin if it feels itchy and discomfort and your skin looks and feels dry, this indicates sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is usually characterized by dryness and redness with unease and discomfort in the skin.

Blotting Sheet Method For Skin Type Recognition

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This is another famous method to figure out your skin type. In this, you would need a blotting sheet and your bare face. Clean your face with a mild foaming cleanser and let it be for 1-2 hours. Then hold a clean blotting sheet on different areas of your face. Press on for few seconds and hold it in front of the light. You must see the following observation if you observe the sheet. This method to figure out your skin type is quite easy to observe and analyze.

Oily Skin

The blotting sheet will have a lot of oil accumulated. And the oil is collected when you press the sheet on all over your face from the forehead nose cheek and the chin.

Combination Skin

In this case also you would accumulate a lot of oil from the face onto the sheet. But here the oil would be collected from the t-zone only. That is the forehead nose and chin and the cheeks would not give away any oil.

Dry Skin or Sensitive Skin

Now if you have dry or sensitive skin you will have no oil accumulated on the sheet. Dry skin produces very less oil and sensitive skin is mostly dry with significant redness and hence would not give out any oil.

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin there would be oil in the blotting sheet but the oil would be minimum. Normal skin would have some mild oil on it after 1-2 hours but would feel comfortable and look slightly glossy.

Your Skin Type Can Change

Yes, your skin type can change over time. Your skin type can change for a variety of reasons over time. Some of the reasons can be menopause, pregnancy, certain medications, or seasonal changes. Usually, it can be related to hormonal fluctuations. At times the routine you develop to keep your skin normal and clean can effect and overcorrect it. Like by overcorrection your oily skin can get dry or your dry skin can turn oily over time. Also sometimes stress, anxiety, sleep cycles, or major life changes can highly affect your skin. So, just because you have oily skin now will not confirm that you will have oily skin forever.

How to Treat Each Skin Type

Everyone has a different type of skin and different skin type needs different methods of care and treatment. So below are some of the tips for different skin types which can help you to keep your skin beautiful. First, figure out your skin type with the help of the above-mentioned methods and then look for the tips below in accordance with your skin type.

Dry Skin

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If you have dry flaky skin all year round no matter how much you moisturize there are certain things you would need to avoid. Avoid using products rich in acids and alcohol and instead, look for products that have emollients and hyaluronic acid.

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Sensitive Skin

If you have got itchy sensitive skin where the skin is dry and have redness and discomfort avoid the following things. Avoid using products such as alcohol, phthalates, parabens, and sulfates and also scented products or products with added fragrance. And instead of this use ingredients like Aloe Vera and antioxidants.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin products containing acids are good. Since they help remove the dead skin cells in the top layer and remove all the build-ups. Look for products containing salicylic and glycolic acid.

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Combination Skin

If you have certain patches of your face dry and another oily, you have combination skin. And for this, you should use products that contain hyaluronic acids. Combination skin can be tricky to treat at times. But the point is to use effective products on the oily patches but be cautious with the dry skin.


No matter what your skin type is moisturizing is the key. Never leave your skin without moisturizing after cleansing or exfoliating it.

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