5 Homemade Hair Removal Wax Recipes for the Smoothest Results

Hair growth in the body is common for most people. But this common thing can really affect our body image. Many people prefer to shave their body hair. Removing hair gives you smoother skin and freedom to dress more attractively. And the good news for you is that you can easily remove all the unwanted hair from your body using these homemade hair removal wax recipes. These waxes support all kinds of skins, so no matter what type of skin you have, you can safely use these home remedies.

Homemade Hair Removal Wax Recipes

Natural remedies for hair removal on face

Lemon juice and honey

honey and lemon homemade hair removal wax

       You will need

  • Lemon juice
  • Honey

Mix up a little bit of lemon and a little bit of honey to make a sticky paste. Simply apply this paste on the area where you want to remove hair from, whether it’s from your upper lip or the jawline area. Let the paste sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the paste dries, remove it with a cloth after soaking it in lukewarm water. Rub gently and remove the paste along with all the unwanted hair.

Sugar lemon paste

lemon and sugar homemade hair removal wax

To make this paste you will need

  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Lemon

To make a sugar lemon paste to effectively remove your facial hair, take some sugar and some water in a pot and heat it up. Stir it well until the sugar mixes with the water forming a thick solution. Now add 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice into the mixture. Put the mixture to rest in the refrigerator for 5-7 minutes.

To apply the mixture, take a small amount of it, and dab it on your face. Be sure to apply it in the exact direction of hair growth on the face. Let the paste rest for 15-20 minutes then wash it off with cold water by rubbing the paste gently with your hands.      

Natural hair removal for underarms

turmeric mask

Nettle and turmeric

       To make this homemade hair removal wax you will need

  • Indian Nettle
  • Turmeric

To make this paste, first, crush a few fresh Indian nettle leaves. Add dried turmeric powder to the crushed leaves and mix well with some water and make a paste.

Apply the mask on the area you want to get rid of hair. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes or until it dries completely. Peel off the mask after it dried to get rid of all the unwanted hair.

Papaya Aloe Vera paste

papaya and aloe Vera for hair removal

       To make this homemade hair removal wax you will need

  • Papaya
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Mustard oil
  • Gram flour
  • Turmeric powder
  • Essential oil (of your own liking)

To make this mask first, take some papaya pulp. For the Aloe Vera, you can use fresh Aloe Vera pulp or commercially available Aloe Vera gels. Then mix up the papaya pulp, Aloe Vera gel, some gram flour, mustard oil, turmeric powder, and any essential oil that you like (lavender or peppermint oil for example).

Now to apply it, take a small amount of the paste and rub it on your underarms in the exact opposite direction of hair growth. Now let the paste dry properly for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the paste is dried up remove the paste by rubbing it off with a cloth. Then wash your underarms with cold water and pat dry with a towel.

Homemade hair removal Wax for legs and hands

Sugar Wax

For getting rid of hair in your arms and legs, sugar wax is one of the best ways. It removes the hair completely and leaves your skin super smooth.

To make a sugar wax you will need

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice

First, mix all the ingredients in a pot and bring it to boil. After it comes to boil, simmer for 6-7 minutes. Then pour the mixer into a measuring cup or Mason jar. Allow the mixer to cool for 20-30 minutes. By now the wax should be thick and can be easily moldable.

When cooled, scoop out some of the wax carefully. Mold it thin into a disk shape about ¼ inches thick, this will give an easy peeling. Now apply the disk on the direction of your hair growth and press firmly. Pull it off rapidly after you apply. Repeat this on other sections of hair too.

You can use the same piece of wax until it pulls of hair. You will know when you have to throw it off to the waste bin since it won’t pull out any hair. Don’t go over the same area more than twice since that can bruise the skin. if any hair is left, pluck it or wait for a few days before you wax again. If the mixer gets cold, microwave it for 20 seconds or put the bowl over hot water for 5 minutes.

Few things to remember while waxing

There are a couple of things you need to make sure to follow if you want healthy skin. Keep the following things in mind in order to reap more benefits and make your skin smoother.

  • Soften your skin before waxing with water for easier removal of hair. But make sure pat it dry completely before waxing.
  • Do not rub harshly with cloth or soap after waxing. 
  • Do not exfoliate after waxing for 24 hours.
  • Always moisturize properly after every wax.
  • Since many people have allergies to certain ingredients, if any ingredient irritates when it comes to contact with your skin, do not use it.
  • Wash with lukewarm water after waxing.
  • Since after waxing your skin is more vulnerable and exposed to damage, take extra good care of it. Remember to always exfoliate and wear sunscreen whenever going out in the sun.

Benefits of homemade hair removal wax

There are a ton of benefits that using homemade wax has over commercially produced ones. There is a reason people tend to gravitate towards natural stuff instead of the commercially produced ones. We listed out a couple of the reasons for you here.

  • Using homemade hair removal waxes makes your skin glow and appear soft due to the use of natural ingredients in making the wax.
  • Homemade hair removal wax help moisturize your skin.
  • When we use homemade hair removal wax there is very little chance of infection or negative reaction.
  • Another very helpful benefit of using homemade hair removal wax is that it over time decrease the growth of hair. The wax along with reducing the growth of hair lightens the color and smoothens the texture of the hair.
  • Using homemade hair removal wax recipes exfoliates the skin very well. Since natural ingredients are used in the process, it is beneficial for all types of skin.

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