How to Get the Best Use Out of Vitamin E for Your Skin

uses of vitamin E for skincare

Vitamin E is one of the most commonly used ingredients in skincare products. They are found in all pharmaceutical skincare products. Vitamin E is, as you know, is a vitamin and is a very useful ingredient not only for skincare for many different issues. It is a wonderful drug that can treat a range of problems with easy techniques and more safely. Using Vitamin E for skin can be very beneficial if done right. Like high blood pressure, blocked arteries, and even diabetes and Alzheimer’s diseases. Vitamin E is also very beneficial for the eyes. Initially, vitamin e is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is found in green leafy vegetables, seafood, fruits, and nuts. And when it comes to Vitamin E oil, it is the purest form of vitamin E that you can directly use on your skin.

How Vitamin E Benefit Your Skin? 

Vitamin E can be very helpful to treat a range of skin disorders and also for skin repairing. Vitamin E benefit for skin is unlimited. So, let’s learn how vitamin E good for skin is? As we know vitamin E is an antioxidant. And since antioxidants, they remove the free radicals from the skin and helps prevent oxidative damage to the skin cells. Free radicals are a result of daily environmental damages to the skin such as unprotected sun exposure and air pollution. And on the way to fighting off free radical vitamin E protects the skin from damage.

Vitamin E also helps to strengthen skin barrier function, that is, it’s moisturizing and healing benefits. Vitamin e is a natural anti-inflammatory and hence helps smooth and calm the skin and also hydrate it properly. And due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, vitamin E is an effective natural sun barrier. It helps in certain kinds of cellular restorations. Such as sun damage to healing ingredient for scars and burns.

Benefits of Vitamin E in Skincare

Use vitamin E oil as a moisturizer

Vitamin E lotion for skin

Vitamin E oil can work very effectively as a moisturizer. This oil is great for rejuvenating dehydrated and dry skin. it restores the moisture into the skin.

For making this moisturizer you would need

  • Vitamin E oil
  • A moisturizer of your choice (or a carrier oil like olive oil)

Take your moisturizer in the desired amount into your palm. Add a few drops of the vitamin E oil into it and apply it to your skin. use this moisturizer before going to bed at night. This way the oil would get enough time to properly soak into the skin and hydrate it effectively.

Since vitamin E is oil-soluble nutrition it is heavier than water-soluble nutrition. Hence it works best for dry and damaged skin.

Treat Sunburns With Vitamin E


Sunburns are an irritating issue during summers. It’s always pretty usual to get suntan or worst sunburns during the scorching heated summer. Vitamin E is known to give quick relief from sunburns.

All you need to treat your sunburns is pure Vitamin E oil

To apply to take a few drops of the vitamin E oil and gently massage it on the affected area. You can also use vitamin E capsules. Just break the capsule and take out the liquid and rub it onto the skin.

The ultraviolet radiation which causes sunburn creates free radicals. And since vitamin E is an antioxidant, it neutralizes the effects of those free radicals and hence sooth the sunburns.

Vitamin E Lightens Dark Spots

Dark spots on your face or other parts of your body can result in different reasons. It can be attribution of aging, liver problems or free radical damage. And as a solution, vitamin e can alleviate such problems.

For this, you would need

  • Vitamin E capsule
  • Moisturizer or lotion or olive oil

To make this cream you will have to begin with breaking your vitamin capsules. Mix the content inside with the moisturizer or olive oil. Apply this over your dark spots. Apply this lotion once daily until you observe your spots getting lighter.

Free radicals damage the skin and at times also lead to hyper-pigmentation which leads to dark spots. And since we know vitamin E is antioxidant and fights free radicals, hence it reduces dark spots.

A cleansing agent

Vitamin E can maintain the skin’s oil balance very effectively. It helps clean dirt and other impurities.

For this, you would need only Vitamin E oil

Use this oil to cleanse and remove dirt from your skin. When removing your make-up and cleansing your face you can use vitamin E oil. After you remove your heavy makeup, take a cotton ball with few drops of vitamin E oil. Wipe your face with it remove the left-over makeup, dirt, and other impurities. This will prevent your skin from drying and flaking up. It’s best if you already have dry skin.

Vitamin E is a heavy emollient. So, it removes impurities easily and balances the skin’s natural oil.

Treats stretch marks

Vitamin E oil is very beneficial for fading away stretch marks.

You will only require good quality Vitamin E oil for treating your stretch marks. Use this oil regularly on your stretch marks. Apply the oil and gently rub it in a circular motion. This will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear when the skin loses its elasticity. Elasticity is lost because of the stretch in the upper and lower layer of the skin, and this appears as white strip marks. Vitamin E restores skin elasticity and hence lightens stretch marks.

Prevents premature skin aging

As Vitamin E restores damaged skin, it also prevents your skin from becoming dull and wrinkled. So using vitamin E for aging skin can be very effective.

Use pure Vitamin E oil every day in your skincare routine. Apply vitamin E oil after cleansing your face and before putting on your moisturizer.

Collagen is a protein that maintains skin elasticity, but the production of this protein reducing after a certain age. Hence, vitamin E boosts the production of this protein, collagen. Therefore, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Vitamin E oil is oil-soluble nutrition hence is a heavy emollient. Therefore it works best for dry and damaged or aged skin. Therefore if you have oily or normal skin be more cautious in using vitamin E oil. Since this can increase the acne or blemishes in your oily skin. Consulting your dermatologist regarding if this oil is suitable for you would be a wise thing to do.

This was how you can use Vitamin E for the best use on your skin. Now if you want to know how turmeric can be used to get the best results to visit our article on the uses of turmeric. For more interesting articles on mental health visit the articles by my fellow authors on how to fall asleep quicker. If you want to learn some awesome martial arts moves try checking out our articles on spinning back kick or on axe kick.

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