4 Basic Techniques to Lucid Dream

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There are a ton of scary stories and creepypastas out there on the topic of lucid dreaming. You might have come across a story or two on how people met terrifying and mysterious entities of probably an alternate dimension during their session of lucid dreaming. In reality, it is a fascinating phenomenon that is still quite unexplained and untouched by science. The reason might be that we still don’t know much about sleep or dream, the two initiating components of a lucid dream.

We know that we sleep when we are tired and we dream during the REM phase of sleep. But don’t know exactly why and how we dream, what fuels the strange and sometimes vivid experiences we feel while dreaming. The terrifying experiences that are associated with lucid dreaming might be because lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis are phenomena that often occur parallelly.

What is Lucid Dreaming

lucid dream

We all dream of various weird and fascinating dreams most of the time we sleep. Some dreams we remember, some we don’t. A lucid dream is a little bit different than regular dreams.

Normally in dreams, just like with life, we can not control the events or course of action happening with us. In regular dreams, we also are pretty much always unaware of the fact that we are dreaming.

But sometimes, while dreaming we become aware of the fact that the blizzard experience we are going through is nothing but a dream. At that point, we gain the ability to control the dream narrative to some extent. We can control what is happening to us.

Some say lucid dreaming and astral projection are kinds of the same thing. In both, we experience fascinating things when our body is still asleep. However lucid dreaming lacks a bit of the spiritual or religious aspect, after all in astral projection it is believed that our spirit is the one that leaves our body and roams around. However, in the case of lucid dreaming, it is still unclear what actually happens.

How to Lucid Dream

how to lucid dream

There are many available lucid dreaming techniques that can help us make our dreams lucid. Some of those ways are explained below. Are you gonna try any of these methods? If you decide to try them, please let us know if they worked for you and what your dream was about in the comment section.

Questioning yourself if you are dreaming

  • Step 1: During the course of the day, keep questioning yourself, is it real or just a dream. Keep doing it multiple times, do it after every hour or two hours or so.
  • Step 2: Check your surrounding environment, pay attention to the small details. Look if something seems out of the ordinary.

When you fall asleep after some time you will remember to check if you are really there or just dreaming. You can check your surroundings, the odd things you see will make you realize that you are dreaming and your dream will become lucid. Some of the odd things you might see are being able to push your finger through your palm, jumping and not landing on earth, being able to walk through walls or furniture, etc.

Going Back to Bed

For this method to work, it helps if you have a regular sleep schedule.

  • Step 1: Set up an alarm after 5 hours you fall asleep.
  • Step 2: When the alarm rings weak up, freshen up your mind. Make sure that you are fully awake, try to stay awake for a while. Try to remember if you dreamt before. If yes then try to remember what the dream was about.
  • Step 3: Now that your mind is awake, try to fall asleep again.

In going back to bed method your body sleeps while your mind is still awake. Therefore there are greater chances that this time when you dream, it is going to be lucid.

Stay Awake Motionless

  • Step 1: Lie down on your bed, preferably on your back. Get comfortable.
  • Step 2: Try to stay awake for 15 minutes without making any moves. Try to empty your mind, focus on a point.

After 15 minutes, your mind should reach the state of a lucid dream.

The Thirst Induced Method

  1. Step 1: Don’t drink any fluids all day.
  2. Step 2: When you feel thirsty imagine yourself going towards and drinking a glass of water. And every time you crave a drink, do a reality check. Ask yourself if you might just be dreaming, look for any signs or indications.
  3. Fall asleep for 5-6 hours. After that wake your mind up completely. Now place a glass of water on a table beside your bed and think about your urge to drink that glass of water. Also, do a reality check.
  4. Now fall asleep again.

Thirst is a very effective motivation that helps you dream. We admit that staying thirsty for the whole day could be a bit painful, but this method proves to be very effective when it comes to lucid dreaming.

Benefits of Lucid Dream

lucid dream

It might be hard to believe that dreams could be beneficial for our health, but lucid dreams can be helpful in this matter. Some of the benefits of lucid dreaming are

  • Lucid dreams can help us get rid of nightmares.
  • Lucid dreams can help us defeat our fears. It helps if we face our fear in a safe setting like in a dream because we know that in a dream, nothing can actually hurt us.
  • Dreams are a reflection of our inner self. We can get to know ourselves better with the help of lucid dreams.
  • Lucid dreams can be used to practice many types of real-life skills. Wanna perfect your drawing skills, you can improve by practicing in your dream.
  • Many scientists say that the best benefit that lucid dreams provided to them is the ability to solve a question or mystery they were unable to solve in real life. This can be done by trying out various solutions, kind of like Chidi did use Janice’s reality imitation device in the series ‘The Good Place’.
  • With the help of lucid dreams, you can experience any fascinating experience you have zero chance of living through in real life. It’s mind-blowing and best of all it’s completely private. No one would know even if you chose to have some naughty fun with your celebrity crush.

Are Lucid Dreams Harmful in Any Way

Lucid dreams are very much safe and very enjoyable experience, but it might lead to some problems sometimes. Some of those are

  • Lucid dreams are very realistic and the experiences we have in those dreams are very much manipulatable. So they are almost always much better than what we experience in real life. So lucid dreams might bring out escapism in some people.
  • The chances of experiencing sleep paralysis is also a possibility with lucid dreaming.
  • Sometimes if a situation becomes too stressful in a dream, the person might lose control of the dream, unable to manipulate the dream anymore. At this point, the person might feel trapped in their own dream. This condition is called ‘dream claustrophobia’.

How to Wake Up from a Lucid Dream

If you ever feel like you are having a hard time waking up from a lucid dream, you can try using the following steps to wake up-

  • Try to fall asleep. When you fall asleep in a dream, you wake up in the real world.
  • Blink rapidly.
  • Try to scream, or calling out for someone to help you.
  • Set up an alarm clock before going into a lucid dream.

Now that you know all the benefits as well as the risks, you can try lucid dreaming now. Remember the escape plans aka how to wake up part and jolt ahead. We would always appreciate it if you shared your experience with us. Happy dreaming.

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