What Happens to Your Body Because of Snoozing Your Alarm Repeatedly

Which one of you aren’t guilty of enjoying those extra minutes of sleep you get after snoozing your alarm. Some of us do it more than once, those few minutes are never enough. But don’t get too carried away in that comfort, as there are consequences to this action which you might not realize.

Our body has a natural cycle that gets fulfilled when we get a deep and undisturbed sleep. Fulfillment of the cycle is what provides us the much-needed rest that keeps us fresh and gives us the energy we need to work all day.

Those few minutes of bliss might even end up messing the whole cycle. So I think you might be interested in getting to know what happens if you snooze your alarm, what happens when you don’t and what you can do instead of hitting the snooze button. If you answered yes, then let’s dive in. We are precisely here to tell you why snoozing your alarm is bad for you.

Is Snoozing Your Alarm Bad for You?

incomplete sleep because of snoozing your alarm

The immediate consequence that happens when we snooze our alarm and go back to our bed is you trick yourself into thinking that you are sleeping and getting rest. But in actuality, we do not rest at all. Sleep is a pretty active and specific process and it consists of many cycles. Various stages of the REM phase and non-REM phase of sleep cover the night.

These stages work in a specific way and shut off different parts of the body and mind strategically in order to provide us the rest we need. The REM phase of sleep that provides our mind the rest we need generally occurs after 90 minutes of sleep. So those few extra minutes you sleep after snoozing your alarm do not provide any kind of rest to your body.

But it is not just about few extra wasted minutes you could have used to drink a cup of morning coffee though. If your body desperately wants to go back to sleep even after the ringing alarm has burst your eardrums, that might be a sign that you are spending way less time than you actually need staying asleep. So the snoozing your alarm habit might indicate that you need to sleep more than you are now. So you might have gotten an idea about why snoozing your alarm is bad for you.

Benefits of Not Snoozing Your alarm

good sleep

The best way to determine if your body is getting enough sleep is that you do not need to set up an alarm at all. There is no better indicator that can help tell your sleep health.

If you can sleep and wake up at a consistent time without any external help that means you are in an excellent sleep schedule. So the best benefit you can get from not hitting the snooze button constantly is a regular sleep cycle. If you can get up without needing to hit snooze, or better yet, not setting an alarm at all, that would indicate that your sleep schedule is healthy and you don’t need to hear that annoying sound of alarm every morning.

What You Should Do Instead of Hitting Snooze?

wake up

What you can do instead of snoozing your alarm is just wake up and go o with your day. There is no other way around, we all have to go on with our day. You have to get over your snooze alarm addiction if you want a healthy sleep cycle. Try going to sleep earlier if possible. Follow healthy sleep habits that can help you sleep early and well. Get as much sleep as you need. So that you won’t need to snooze the alarm and can wake up naturally.

Try to keep your alarm clock as far from your bed as possible. That will force you to walk out of your bed and break your sleep even a little as you go onto switch off your alarm. And don’t just fall back asleep after getting out of your bed. I do that a lot which is quite unhelpful. There is also some alarm app that forces you to take a selfie in front of your mirror before being turned off. You can also try using one of those. I tried one and it was helpful. Walking to the bathroom in the morning to take a selfie is quite effective.

All in all, just stop snoozing the alarm people. Rise and shine and face a new day. Life is too short to waste in five-minute naps.

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