Ap Chagi kick of Taekwondo | Learn To Hit a Powerful Ap Chagi In 7 Steps

When we talk about Taekwondo, the first things that come to our mind are those spectacular kicks like Yop Chagi, Ap Chagi, Kodeup Chagi, etc. And why not? Taekwondo is meant for those effective kicks. Moreover, it has got many types as well and one such type is Ap Chagi kick. It comes to work if you want to target the chin or abdomen area of your opponent.

In general, Ap Chagi is a simple front kick but again there are some variations that make this kick easier a lot as well as very effective. Before going for the shot, do learn about the common mistakes that beginners do but you should not.

How To Do Ap Chagi:

Ap Chagi
  1. Lift the knee of your back leg or hitting leg by 90 degrees. Make sure to not to put too much of stress of your grounded or non-hitting leg.
  2. Twist your non-hitting leg by about 90 degrees as well as your waist.
  3. This is a crucial step. Do not twist your waist or leg too much as it may take your balance forward and it will be hard to retrieve the original position. Moreover, if you do not make a sufficient twist then, it will not give enough power to the kick.
  4. Now by pivoting the knee of your hitting leg, deliver the blow as best as you can.
  5. If your target is abdomen or chin then make sure to bend your toes and hit the target with the ball of the foot.
  6. And if your target is groin area of your opponent then hit with the top or ankle of the foot.
  7. If you go for the abdomen then, hitting in the upper right abdominal portion will be very effective as it might hit the liver of your opponent leaving him or her unconscious.

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