Basic Kicks Of Taekwondo | 5 Fantastic Taekwondo Kicks You Should Know

There have been lots of talks and debates about which martial art is best. But the fact is that nothing in this world is perfect. All the martial arts are unique and best in some particular way. For example, boxing is the best in hand to hand close combat, wrestling and judo is perfect for grappling combats, martial arts like Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and MMA are good for striking or long-range attacks. Before going into the depth of any martial, you should learn the basics first. So in this article, we are going to discuss the basic kicks of Taekwondo. The most common basic kicks of Taekwondo include Dollyo Chagi, Ap Chagi, Kodeup Chagi, Yop Chagi, and Twio Ap Chagi. If you already have good knowledge in these basic kicks of Taekwondo then you can skip this post and read our other posts regarding advanced level taekwondo moves.

In addition, one more thing lots of people ask about is that will Taekwondo works in real fight or street fight? The short and simple answer is yes, it will work. Even basic kicks of taekwondo are enough to knock out some bullies if they don’t have any martial art knowledge.

But first of all, we should try to understand that fighting is not cool. We should stay on the path of non- violence. Not only the basic kicks of Taekwondo but any martial art is effective for a street fight if there is not any other martial art practitioner to compete with you. But martial arts are not made for street fights. None of the martial arts promotes violence. So we should just use it only for self-defense.

Basic Kicks of Taekwondo

As we know, Taekwondo is mainly known for its tremendous kicks which are the most awesome kicks than any martial arts. However, to perfect those kicks, it takes lots and lots of practice and effort. Furthermore, it is good to learn some kind of martial arts. It not only helps in self-defense but also promotes discipline among the practitioners. And regarding Taekwondo, there are various kicks or moves to learn. But if you are a beginner or if you are thinking of joining or learning Taekwondo, you should definitely have some basic knowledge about some of the basic kicks of Taekwondo.

Basic kicks of taekwondo

Dollyo Chagi

It is the most basic kicks of taekwondo and the most common moves used not only in Taekwondo but in many other martial arts but known by different names. In Muay Thai it is known by the name Tae Tud, Mawashi Geri in Karate. However, it is commonly known as a roundhouse kick. But techniques in Taekwondo differ a bit from rest of the martial arts as it takes very less time to hit the opponent during the Dolio Chagi kicks and hence if the time of impact is less, the force is too much and this principle gives the intense effectiveness to the Dolio Chagi kick.

How To Do:-

  1. Put your weight on the front leg
  2. Take up the knee of your back leg straight forward
  3. Turn the foot horizontally while turning your waist as well and hit the target in less time as possible. Your knee act as a pivot during the execution of the kick.

For more information or demonstration, please click here or visit the video below:

Ap Chagi

It is a basic front kick in Taekwondo which mainly targets either the chin, solar plexus, groin area, and the torso of your opponent and it can be a very effective kick if you have good flexibility.

How To Do:-

  1. Pull the back leg or kicking leg up towards the chest.
  2. Straighten the leg and extend it towards the target.
  3. Make sure that your toes remain bent while hitting your opponent.

Yop Chagi

It is known as a sidekick in general and it is one of the most effective long-range moves which can be performed to hit your opponent from a long distance. It is also known as a superkick in some regions (like in pro wrestling or WWE).

How To Do It:

  1. Bend the knee and raise the back leg.
  2. Turn in the opposite direction and straighten the kick to strike the target with the foot blade or heel.
  3. Make sure to turn your body smoothly otherwise, it may cause you injuries.

Kodeup Chagi

It is a type of repeated kick. It is a kick for the practitioners who have passed the beginner level and have mastered the sidekicks. Despite being one of the basic kicks of taekwondo, it needs much time to get perfection for this kick. This kick is also known as “Question Mark Kick” and is one of the signature moves of famous UFC fighters like Luke Rockhold and Israel Adesanya.

How To Do It:

  1. The first kick is generally used to target the lower body
  2. The second kick should be the intense one to hit the face or trunk of your opponent.
  3. You can try this kick from the front foot as well as a back foot but both the kick should be instantaneous. The first kick can also be used to fake your opponent then, hitting the second kick perfectly to give a perfect knockout.

Twio Ap Chagi

It is one of the smartest moves in Taekwondo and this technique is used by many lightweight MMA fighters to set up their opponent to deliver a spectacular knockout.

How To Do It:

  1. Jump in the air and fake your opponent by kicking with the back foot.
  2. While in the air deliver a perfect kick to the chin or face by the initial front foot which has now turned into back foot.
Taekwondo disciplines

We have talked a lot about the basic kicks of taekwondo so far. However, there are various advanced level kicks that are not only effective but also very deadly. Few examples of those are the Axe kick, 360-degree kick, spinning hook kick, etc. But other than kicks, Taekwondo has also got lots of side benefits as well. This is the reason why it got millions and millions of practitioners in the modern world.

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