Boxing vs Taekwondo | Punching vs Kicking | Who Will Win Among 2 Of The Greatest Martial Art?

Boxing is one of the most popular sports out there. A boxer prepares themselves to receive punches their whole training, but sometimes get knocked out with just one punch. That is because the punch came out of the blue, the boxer never saw it coming. Boxing is full of unexpected and exciting moments like that, it is a delight to both watch a be a player of a boxing match. If we talk about Boxing vs Taekwondo, then we must say that boxers, especially pro boxers are more tough then Taekwondo kickers.

Taekwondo, on the other hand, is a form of Korean martial art. The word Taekwondo (태권도) refers to the fantastic form of martial art full of acrobatic kicks. Stars like Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff and football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic are especially skilled in this form of martial arts. Again if we come to the topic of Boxing vs Taekwondo then, we must admit to the fact that Taekwondo kickers got more acrobats and styles then the boxing practitioners.

Boxing vs Taekwondo

With all it’s glamour and exciting moments, let us dive into a relative comparison between the two forms of martial arts.

Advantages Of Boxing

Taekwondo vs Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports. And if an unskilled person got involved in some kind of fight, the most common thing we see is that his or her some of the boxing skills. A normal person uses them hands or punches most of the times during a fight. And it is relatively easy to use, unlike the kicks. And if a boxing guy somehow got himself in a street fight then, it will be one of the most horrible nightmares for its opponent because boxing is one of the most useful martial art in a street fight. Even if a boxer is outnumbered, it can still dominate the whole fight. Boxers have very fast reflexes and lightning-fast hands with the powerful combination of punches like jab, cross, hooks and deadly uppercuts which can deliver a knock-out in no time. They have a tremendous amount of stamina as well as strength which exist even after the fight. But one thing they lack behind is their lower body. A kick to the legs can easily take them down the and at the ground, the boxers do not stand any chances like wrestlers.

Advantages of Taekwondo

As discussed earlier, Taekwondo practitioners have got a wide range of applications due to its phenomenal kicks. Like boxers, they are also good at finishing fights early. Despite the average amount of stamina, taekwondo players know it best where and when to spend their energy with the powerful kicks. Even one kick is enough sometimes to win a match. Taekwondo fighters are very fast and have got very good reflexes and flexibility to defend themselves from attacks from anywhere. Taekwondo kicks have wide ranges which can be landed from very far away.

You can check out some of the best and easiest taekwondo kicks here.

Boxing vs Taekwondo

Let’s focus on some advantages and disadvantages that practitioners got from each of the two martial arts.

Boxing Taekwondo
Mainly focusses on punching. Mainly focusses on kicking.
Give short-range or mid-range attacks. Give long-range attacks.
Kickings are completely banned. Practitioners practice punching and punches are legal in some competitions as well.
No submission hold knowledge. Though not allowed in competitions, they have some submission hold knowledge.
Good upper body strength and average lower body strength. Good lower body strength and average upper body strength.
Very good stamina. Practitioners have average stamina.

Conclusion of Boxing vs Taekwondo

Well, this contest of Boxing vs Taekwondo will be very competitive. It will not be easy for anyone to end the fight quickly. But in here, a taekwondo fighter stands more chances due to the range of the kicks. A taekwondo fighter can easily stay away from the boxer’s punching range. A boxer can dodge the head kicks of taekwondo fighter due to extremely fast reflexes but spinning kicks to the torso can easily knock anyone out. It can even be very dangerous if landed on or near the liver. The low leg kicks can also be hard for the boxer to defend. A taekwondo fighter also has some submission and punching abilities. So, a taekwondo fighter stands a better chance of 80% to win the contest. Therefore, the contest of Boxing vs Taekwondo goes to the Taekwondo kickers.

This prediction is made just by the key points of both the martial arts. The skills of the individual in each martial art will be the main factor. So, this does not means to demotivate boxing players. As said, martial art does not win a fight, people do.

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