4 Common Mistakes During Ap Chagi That Beginners Do | Get These Mistakes Corrected Immediately

If you are a big fan of combat sports like Mix Martial Arts or MMA, then you must be familiar with the name of a UFC legend Anderson Silva and his terrible knockout kicks. In one of his famous fight against Vitor Belfort, he delivered a tremendous Ap Chagi kick to the chin of his opponent and gave the crowd a fantastic knockout which will be remembered forever. Many fighters even got punished because of their mistakes during Ap Chagi. Well, Ap Chagi kick has many more applications and is very easy if one has a better knowledge of mistakes during Ap Chagi.

common mistakes during ap chagi

So these are some of the common mistakes during Ap Chagi kick that most beginners generally do.

Hitting With Ankles or Toes (Most Common Mistakes During Ap Chagi)

Mistakes during ap chagi

Lots of beginners think Ap Chagi is meant to be hit with the ankle. But in reality, it should be with the ball of the foot. Yeah, it is true that in Taekwondo demonstration lots of tiles and wooden boards are broken with the help of ankle but in competition, your opponent will not be in a still position as the tiles and boards. So you have to either aim for the solar plexus or you can go higher for the chin but make sure that you are using the ball of your foot.

Ap Chagi Without Snapping The Leg

This is a crucial point to note because it will determine the quality of your Ap Chagi. Most practitioners try to hit Ap Chagi by pushing the kick with the heel or ball of the foot. But, it is one of the most crucial Ap Chagi mistakes. Ap Chagi is a kick of Martial Art known as Taekwondo and it should be with snapping action. Your knee act as a pivot and you should hit your target by snapping your leg instead of pushing it.

Too Much Extension of Legs

If you are a beginner and you are not very flexible then you should go for the chin. Hitting Ap Chagi to the chin requires lots of extension of the leg as well as speed during the snap. So for beginners, it is better to target the solar plexus of the opponent. Moreover, extending your leg too much may result in serious hamstring injuries. And after that, your fight carrier may get over then and there. So strike safely, strike smartly.

Leaning Forward While Hitting

Lots of practitioners lean forward while hitting Ap Chagi and it is one of the common Ap Chagi mistakes because while you lean forward while hitting the kick, you are putting lots of stresses on your hamstrings. You should keep your body straight. However, leaning your body backward a bit can help you in dodging your opponent’s attack as well as better height to the kick.


If you have come this far to this article then you must be a big enthusiast of Taekwondo or other martial art. I hope you will detect and understand all your mistakes. So now, get ready for the real shot. Before saying goodbye to the post do not forget to check out our other articles of Martial Arts. We hope for your better sport carrier. Stay smart, stay safe.

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