6 Common Mistakes During Back Kick | Stop Doing These Mistakes

If you have good knowledge of back kick you must be familiar with the high rewards with this as well. But getting high rewards are not always easy but can be made easy if we correct the mistakes during back kick that most of the people do while trying to achieve this. Doing mistakes while throwing these kicks is not forgivable as these are very high-risk moves and if do even small mistakes then you are on a great verge of knocking yourself out. If you are new to this kick then, visit our previous posts regarding this kick and understand it better. If you are a long-time practitioner or a beginner then these are some of the common mistakes practitioners do while performing a back kick. Check it out by yourself if you are doing the same mistakes then correct it asap before your opponent does.


Stepping In Before Back Kick

The fault while stepping in makes you rotate too much which results in finishing your kick in the wrong direction. In other spinning moves like tornado kicks, spinning back hook kicks, spinning back heel kicks you need to generate much rotation as those are complete spinning moves but back kick is a partially spinning and partially linear kick. The hitting motion should be linear and it completely relies upon the footwork of your non-hitting leg. While stepping in towards your opponent, your leg should be straight in front of your target not at the side.

Hitting Back Kick Blindly (Most Common Mistakes During Back Kick)

This is one of the most common mistakes during back kick that beginners usually do. Never ever take your eye off your opponent. The only moment that you are not watching your opponent is when you are making the rotation. And that too just for about a second. Always watch your opponent before hitting. Not only for assured hitting but sometimes if your hit falls on the groin of your opponent then, you will be disqualified for sure.

Hitting Area of the Foot

Mistakes during back kick

Lots of the guys hit their target with ball of the foot but back kicks are meant to be hit with the heel of your foot. These mistakes during back kick can cost you a lot. Hitting with the ball of your foot gives spring kind of effect which does not do much damage to your opponent. Hitting front kick with the ball of the foot is a different thing but back kick should be connected only with the heel of your foot.

Mind Change

A real fighter has much confidence in their moves. So if you are a real fighter it will be okay if you lose the match but never ever lose confidence in yourself as well as in your moves. Lots of the beginner change their mind while throwing the kick and in the middle of the rotation, they change it into spinning hook kick. Actually, spinning hook kicks and back kicks, both are completely different. Both need different setups, spins, follow-through, and range. If you are going to hit with a back kick then go, hit it and complete it.

Faking your opponent with a different kick like in the case of Kodeup Chagi or Question Mark kick and changing minds in the middle of the kick is also a different thing. Fake kicks are meant to play tricks with your opponent but if you are changing moves in the half-way then you are playing tricks with yourself.

Leg Extension During Back Kick

common mistakes during back kick

Back kicks can be a long-range as well as short-range attack. Moreover, it can act as a defensive move as well if you know the better use of it. When your opponent is about to get close to you to give an attack then you can land this kick at that very moment but what lots of guys make mistakes during back kick is that they just land a kick. The kick should be complete and leg should be extended completely which will not only hit your target but also push your opponent away from you so that you can easily prevent you from your opponent’s blow.

Sliding Your Foot

Lots of the beginners complain about the range as well as balancing themselves while executing this kick. Well, it can be corrected if you engage the movement of your non-hitting leg as well. Fixing your non-hitting leg while hitting the kick can easily throw you off balance due to the centrifugal force of rotation. Instead, you should slide it towards your opponent which results in greater range and mobility.


It is always important to know what you should not do along with what you should do. This is especially true when it comes to martial arts kicks and moves. One wrong step and you might hurt yourself as well as the ones in front of you. Next time before performing this move, you could keep the above points in mind and correct all the mistakes during the back kick. Play smart and play safe.

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