Dollyo Chagi- The Most Popular Kick for Knockouts

When it comes to kicking or punching or any moves of martial art, the question which arises the most is which move is better? Which move will be the best as well as effective? Which move is most spectacular? How to execute them properly? Why that move is effective? One of the best answers to these questions is the Dollyo Chagi kick.

When it comes to competition or a match in combat sport, the most spectacular scene is the shin to the chin. And this happens when you can deliver an effective kick to your opponent. Actually, the effectiveness of a particular move depends upon the player who is executing it as well as the time he or she has invested in that particular move to achieve the degree of perfection. However, there are certain demonstrations or experiments that study the science and techniques involved in those tactics of martial arts. But Taekwondo is known for kicks such as Dollyo Chagi, Ap Chagi, Yop Chagi, Kodeup Chagi, and many more. And those kick especially the Dollyo Chagi is very powerful. Why is it so? How do the players with such a lean body manage to deliver kicks with such strengths?

As science says that impact is the product of force and time for which force is acting. Therefore, force is inversely proportional to the time of impact. The Dollyo Chagi technique or kick of Taekwondo uses this principle and becomes one of the most effective Taekwondo kicks. Dollyo Chagi is somewhat similar to the roundhouse kick but a little bit of advanced version than a traditional roundhouse kick. The only difference is that a roundhouse kick goes with the flow of the kick to complete the hitting or takes more time of impact while a Dollyo Chagi kick of Taekwondo includes retrieving the kick and come back to original position against the flow of the kick and takes less time of impact while hitting.

Dollyo Chagi Taekwondo KO

How to Hit a Dollyo Chagi Kick of Taekwondo:-

  1. From the ready position, lift the knee of your back foot up at 90 degrees.
  2. Turn the leg which is on the ground for about 170-180 degrees. Make sure to turn your waist as well to create a rotational torque. Also, make sure that your kicking leg should be parallel to the ground.
  3. Now deliver the kick and retrieve the leg as fast as you can to get ready for another kick. Here, your knee will act as a pivot.
  4. If you are a beginner, try to kick by making your kicking leg parallel to the ground, and if you are doing sparrings or playing any competition then, make the leg diagonal to deliver a fast kick.
  5. For more demonstration of Dollyo Chagi technique and how to hit it, click here or, visit:

The Famous NGC Experiment:

A certain group of experts performed a demonstration to check which kick produces the highest force. The National Geographic Channel, one of the most prominent educational channels covered or shot that demonstration. In the test, they selected four very famous martial arts: Capoeira, Muay Thai, Karate, and Taekwondo. And they also selected four respective experienced practitioners of these arts to perform their best kicks. After the experiment, the result was concluded that Taekwondo Dollyo Chagi kick has produced the highest force followed by Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Karate. Why is it so? Maybe this is because of the principle of science it uses to deliver the blow.

The Dollyo Chagi kick is the most common kick to deliver a perfect knockout or head kick. It is the best kick which can give you that shin to the chin situation. Moreover, it is very safe to execute giving you enough time to get ready for another move. If you want to visit the video to the test and how did the professionals measure the forces of the kicks, click on-

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