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As told by our elders that violence is not good. We should always keep ourselves cool and calm and we are ought to stay away from situations which can make us involved in some kind of fight or violence. While it is always better to fight with words rather than using physical force, there are some times when you just can’t help but be involved in a street fight. In those situations, you don’t have any choice. All that you want to do is win street fights, and if you want to win here is a guide on how to do that. And many people have doubts about whether martial arts help you to win street fights and the simple answer is- Yes, martial arts like MMA can help you a lot to win street fights. These are some of the tips to win street fights easily.

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Do Not Lose Balance in Street Fights


This is the most important factor to win any street fight. Losing balance and falling on the ground is not a big deal in one on one fight. But it can be very dangerous during a street fight. As street fights may involve multiple attackers, so if you lose balance and become grounded, the attackers may gain the ability to strike all at once.

Get Up Quickly in Street Fights

Well, it is good for you if you do not get grounded but situations are not controlled by you in a street fight and there is more probability that you will fall to the ground. However, if you get grounded then, get up as quickly as possible if you wanna win street fights. Getting up before multiple attackers get hold of you is a must thing to do to win street fights easily. Otherwise, if they did then, they can control you very easily.

Eye On the Surroundings

It is very important to keep the vision of the surroundings. Even if it is a one on one street fight, there is a chance that your opponent’s peer may come from behind and strike you with sucker-punches from the blind angles.

sharp vision to win street fights

One more important thing in a street fight to keep in mind is that your back should be turned towards open space and not towards any of your opponent’s peers. Not only this can defend you from your opponent’s peer but it also helps you to ensure an escape route.

Face Towards Your Opponent

This is one of the key factors to win street fights so you should always keep this in mind. Do not never ever turn your back towards your opponent in a street fight. It is considered as a dominant angle for your opponent. So always face your opponent if you are fighting them. Otherwise, you will get your ass kicked very badly.

Never Get Yourself Surrounded

Street fighting

If you are facing multiple opponents in a street fight then keep yourself on either side of their line or try to fight them one by one. Never give them any chance to surround you. Otherwise, they can easily attack you at once and the fight is over for you. If possible, try to keep the opponent in a line rather than a circle surrounding you. If your opponent is in a line then, you can easily deal with them one by one.

Create Great Collision


When your opponent is chasing you without being mindful about counters, they are due for sharp collisions. Keep yourself moving away from the opponent and find a perfect time to step in and give them a well-timed strike that can do the double impact. Your opponent has already done half work by chasing you, now it’s your turn to deliver that well-timed blow and win street fights.

Always Keep Yourself Moving To Win Street Fights

Do not keep yourself still in a place. Always keep yourself moving from one place to another. Your movement will not only keep yourself away from the opponent but make you an unpredictable danger for your opponent. So, keep your footwork involved. This is not only in case of the street fights but also for combat sports like boxing and MMA.

Use of Punches in Street Fights

Well, in one on one situation, kicks are more advantageous because of its range but during the street fights, it is better not to use kicks and knees as it forces you to stay on one leg for a while which can be a great danger later on. There is always a question that who would win in a street fight, a boxer, or an MMA player? Well, results depend upon their experiences but even an MMA fighter would use more punches than his kicking or grappling skills. So, make good use of your punches as punches are quick, precise, and powerful. Use kicks only if you have good experience and practice. Before using the kicks make sure you know it perfectly and correct all your kicking mistakes.


Street Fights Rules

This tip may not be followed by many of you guys but believe me, you will not be any hero if you win a street fight unlike those in the films. Moreover, your reputation will be ruined in front of the people who saw the fight. As long you stay in the fight, you are at a greater risk to get yourself to the police station too. So if you got yourself in a street fight, deliver some mighty blows and find an escape route and run from there after getting the situations under control.

The street fights should be avoided at any cost. Fighting is not a cool thing. Always try to sort out things in a way that does not include violence. Stay out of trouble and stay safe.

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