How to get Fast Reflexes? | Check Your Reflex by 3 Amazing Reflexes Test

Have you ever wonder why sportspersons like MMA fighters, boxers, etc. able to save themselves from opponent’s hit so quickly? How can they dodge the punches and kicks in a blink of an eye? How they got fast reflexes? How to get fast reflexes? Not only in MMA and combat sports but practitioners from sports like football, cricket, etc. perform some roles where they need some extraordinary skills to react in very little time.  And they can do it all because of their fast reflexes fast reflex actions or. What is a reflex? How to get fast reflexes? Let’s find out.

How to get Fast reflexes

Reflexes can be defined as our ability to react to some outside stimuli. Many times in our day to day life we come across some situations where we need some good reflex action. For example- If you are holding a phone and it suddenly gets dropped from your hands. To catch it again before it hits the floor and breaks, you need a good reflex. Similarly, if you are driving and suddenly someone or something came in your way then you will get very little time to apply brakes.

How To Get Fast Reflexes? 3 Ways To Test Your Reflexes

So in some way or another, we always need to keep ourselves alert and it can be possible if we have good reflex actions. And this can be possible if and only if we know about our reflexes and exercise it for better performance. And how to get fast reflexes? How to test whether you have good reflexes or not? Below are some of the easiest way to test your reflexes and improve it.

Tennis Ball Reflexes Test

Do 10 repetitions of this test. If you succeed 7 or more then, you have great reflexes. If you pass 5 of them, you have average reflex while unable to complete 5 of them indicates your poor reflexes. Most of the athletes or sportspersons like wicket-keepers, goalkeepers, slip fielders, etc perform this test and keep on repeating it to improve their reflex.

How to do it:

  • For this test, you need an assistant to help you and two tennis balls. Equal weight tennis balls are preferred.
  • Let your assistant stand by raising his or her arms parallel to the ground on the side of the body. Give a tennis ball to your assistant in each of its hands.
  • Kneel down in front of your assistant and look at its face.
  • Let your assistant drop a ball from any of its hands and all you have to do is to catch it before it falls on the ground.

30 cm Ruler Test for Reflexes

How to do it:

  • All you need to perform this test is an assistant and a 30 cm ruler.
  • Position your hand in such a way that your thumb and index fingers are parallel to each other and other fingers are closed. Make this position with any of your hand and take that hand to your torso level.
  • Tell your assistant to hold the ruler just above you’re the space formed between the thumb and index finger.
  • Let your assistant drop the scale suddenly and all you have to do is to catch the scale as soon as possible.

If you catch it somewhere up to 15 cm then, you have good reflexes. If you catch it between 15 to 25 cm, you have fair reflex but if you catch it after 25 cm then, you need to wake yourself up. It’s quite a slow reflex.

Grab That Thing Test

How to do:

  • Take a small thing like a bottle cap or pen cap and keep it on the table. Just make sure you can grab it by one hand without any disturbance.
  • Place your hand 25 cm above that thing and tell your assistance to place his or her hand about 3 centimeters above your hand.
  • Now you have to grab that thing before your assistant does. But you cannot go for it at the beginning. Your assistant will make its first move as his hand is far from the object but you have to react faster than your assistant to grab it first.

If you can make 6 successful attempts out of 10 then, you are a mentally alert person. At least 4 successful attempts make it an average one while less than 3 means very poor reflexes.

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