Know Your Foot Type Correctly by Wet Foot Test | Wet Foot Test In 4 Steps | Step-By-Step Procedure

Foot type and wet foot test are two of the most discussed topic in the world of running. Knowing your foot type is a very crucial process for the health of your foot. Moreover, it will help you to determine one of the most important steps for your foot performance i.e. the proper selection of running shoes that you should wear. One of the most common and easiest ways to find the type of your foot is the “Wet Foot Test”. Everyone has different types of foot and depending upon its type, everyone has a different style of walking or running. Do you know what is your foot type? Let us first understand what are the different types of foot and then, let’s dig some facts about the “Wet Foot Test”.

Types of Foot

Depending on the way you walk or run, your feet can be classified into 3 basic foot types on the basis of the height of the arches of the foot.

Normal Foot


These are the foot with a medium arch. The foot does not get rolled on any of the sides on landing. That means it does not pronate at all.

Flat Foot or Low-Arched Foot Type


This type consists of a low height arch. The foot gets rolled inward and is known as the overpronation.

High-Arched Foot


This is the type that consists of the arch of high height. The foot gets rolled outward and this is also known as the supination.

How to Determine Foot Type by Wet Foot Test?

All you need to perform this test is a bucket with almost half the amount of water in it and a paper towel.


Step 1:- Fill up the bucket with water which is enough to submerge your ankle. Also, keep a paper towel beside the bucket.

Step 2:- Dunk your feet in the water. Make sure that your ankle gets completely dipped in it.

Step 3:- Step onto a paper towel kept beside the bucket.

Step 4:- All you will get is any one of the 3 basic foot types mentioned above.

So I hope all of you got answer to what type of foot you have. Do not worry if you do not have a normal foot. Your performance will not be affected by the type of foot you have but it depends a lot upon the type of running shoes you are wearing in accordance with your foot type. For good performance of foot in a sport like running, sprinting, etc, it is very important to select an appropriate pair of a shoe according to your foot. Now you got to know about your foot, so select a proper shoe pair and prepare yourself for getting superb results. You can take the help of our posts on the type of shoes you should wear to determine which shoes suit you the best.

There has been a common question that “are running shoes good for walking?”. The answer is yes. You can wear running shoes while walking but you cannot wear walking shoes while running. It is because of the fact that walking shoes need not be very well cushioned as compared to running shoes. As running is a harsh activity, running shoes are long-lasting and have more mileage then walking shoes. However, even if you choose walking shoes for your foot then also you can perform the wet foot test to check your foot type. So no matter you walk or run but make sure you choose the shoes according to your foot type. Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you have got all the information you have been searching for. Have a good time.

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