Know About Kodeup Chagi Kick 👊

If we talk about spectacular kicks of martial arts then Kodeup Chagi is one of those kicks of Taekwondo. It can be extremely helpful in many aspects of life like self-defense, fight, etc. So let’s discuss the details that we should know about this kick. Kodeup Chagi kick means repeated kicks.

This kick not actually tests the physical strength of your opponent but it is also meant for playing a mind game with your opponent. It is sometimes also known as Question Mark kick as well. UFC fighters like Luke Rockhold use this kick a lot and it is one of his signature moves.

Kodeup Chagi Taekwondo

How To Hit Your Opponent Using Kodeup Chagi:

  1. Kick your opponent by targeting the lower body of your opponent especially the legs.
  2. With the same leg after executing your first kick, go for the upper body your opponent with another kick. The second kick should be of high intensity and you can even target your opponent’s face as well.
  3. If you want then you can fake the first kick rather than hitting. The opponent will give a response to defend the lower body. And at that instant, hit the second kick on the upper body quickly to give your opponent a terrible knockout.
  4. Make sure you have mastered the Dollyo Chagi and Yop Chagi kicks of Taekwondo before trying the Kodeup Chagi.
  5. Also keep in mind that during Kodeup Chagi, both kicks should be fast enough. There should not be any chances for your opponent to grab your legs.

Before learning and getting these skills, always remember to respect all forms of martial arts. For more such interesting facts about martial arts, visit our following posts:

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