Mistakes During Tornado Kick | Avoid These Mistakes During Tornado Kick

Tornado or 360-degree kick is one of the most spectacular and powerful kick. But mistakes during tornado kick is common. During competitions, one gets well rewarded with points if he or she can land the kick perfectly. But there are a set of risks for high rewards and to reduce these risks we have to understand and know each and everything regarding this kick. If you have not checked our articles on Tornado kicks then before reading this please visit our articles regarding tornado kicks and how to do it. If you have some ideas about the 360-degree kick then before going for a shot, you should know the common mistakes that beginners generally do while executing these kicks. These are some of the common mistakes that most of the practitioners do but you should not. These are the mistakes during Tornado kick that most people do.

Stepping Mistakes During Tornado Kick

stepping mistakes during tornado kick

This is one of the crucial and deciding factors of the quality, precision, and accuracy of your kick. While taking the step to generate your hip rotation most of the beginners do not focus on their stepping so they take a step wherever they feel comfortable. But things do not work like that.

You have to put your step straight to where you are about to hit. Neither here nor there but straight to the target. One more important thing is that the step should not be a very long one. Just a walking stance will be enough to fake your opponent and generate the rotating momentum. Putting step aside your hitting area results in the bad finishing of your kick as well as less accuracy. So put a lot of focus and correct it if you are doing this mistake during tornado kick.

Making a Combo

If you are in a Taekwondo competition then it is okay to hit a single 360-degree kick. But if you are in some other competitions like kickboxing or MMA then this may be the ending moment for you in that fight. Never ever hit your opponent with a single kick whether it’s a tornado kick or a Roundhouse. You have to set up your opponent to execute the kick perfectly. While stepping in towards your opponent, you can use a jab and a cross punch and then execute your tornado kick if your opponent is within your range. You can even mix it with a Roundhouse or Dollyo Chagi kick.

The Rotation

All the fantasy in this kick is only because of its spin. The spinning motion of the tornado kick makes it one of the charismatic kick in the world of combat sport. But what if you are rotating your body incorrectly?

Yeah, it happens and it is one of the most common mistakes during tornado kick that most people do. While rotating your body, you should keep your body straight and balanced. Most of the beginners lean sidewise or backward to balance themselves. But dude, just rotating and hitting the kick does not mean everything. There are many things like accuracy, power, and perfection. If you are rotating your body in the wrong way then, it will result in landing in a danger zone and after that, your opponent will give you a sucker punch from any angle and the fight is over for you. So while making the rotation, keep yourself straight so that even if you do not hit your opponent, you can stay alert and ready for your opponent’s next move.


What most of the beginners do while executing 360-degree kick is that they turn their vision from their opponent then rotate their body but what professionals prescribe is that you should keep an eye on your opponent until you turn your shoulder for the rotation. Do not take your eye off your opponent when you are about to make the rotation. Instead, do it when you are really making the rotation. Keep an eye on your opponent till the last moment.

Lifting the Non-Hitting leg

Most of the beginners lift their non-hitting leg at the very beginning. But you should lift your leg after turning your shoulders and your hip partially. Lifting your leg too early will not ad much power and precision to your kick. You may end up kicking or landing in the wrong direction. So lift your leg after you have turned your shoulders and your hip.

The Inward Angle of the Lifting Leg

This is also one of the most common mistakes during tornado kick that most beginners do and correcting this mistake can take a long time if you do not realize it in your beginning days. If you analyze the 360-degree kick carefully then you must notice that the professionals never lift their non-hitting leg straight. Instead, they make an inward angle towards their body so that the kick can be quick and your opponent does not get enough time to react.

Snapping Mistakes During Tornado Kick

snap kick mistakes during tornado kick

At first one should clearly understand the difference between snapping a kick and following a kick. You can read our previous article as well for your better understanding. In short, snapping is much safer than a follow-through kick. And if you are performing such a risky spinning move you do not have to take this risk to a much higher level by making it a follow-through kick. The tornado kicks are meant to be hit the head so a simple snap kick will do good work. Lots of beginners do it in a follow-through style and end up landing in the wrong direction sometimes. So make the kick much safer to you by hitting it in a snapping style of Taekwondo.

The Landing Mistake During Tornado Kick

Most beginners do everything correct but they forget a simple thing to stay in a fighting stance when they land. Even if the kick hits your target, you are ought to stay in fighting position until and unless the fight is over. Do not be much overconfident. Respect your opponent as they have also trained themselves too well. It will take no time for them to give you some mighty blows with hook or cross punches.

So now you got everything you need to know before executing the kicks. So correct your mistakes and go for that perfect shot. Also, make sure that this move is a very advanced level move of Taekwondo. You have to master some of the basic Taekwondo moves like Dollyo Chagi, Kodeup Chagi, Ap Chagi, etc. before trying this one out. So clear your basics and prepare yourself for this kick to give the crowd those spectacular knockouts.

Thank you for coming to the end of this article and I am pretty sure that you will not make any mistakes during tornado kick. For more such facts about martial arts, visit:

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