MMA Vs Boxing | Which One Among This 2 is Better? | Traditional Boxing Vs Vicious MMA

Two of the most known fighting styles – One, modern martial art that involves the best of the best moves from all fighting styles i.e.MMA vs Boxing, an art which has been the most common style to anyone in the world. Both of these arts are from different time periods. These two martial arts use completely different strategies and principles. Both have a completely different set of rules.


However, one thing which is common between both of them is that both of the art consists of tough fighters and they fight against each other until and unless one gets knocked out. What will happen if MMA vs Boxing takes place? So let’s check it out which one will get knocked out if they go one on one with each other.

Advantages of Boxing


Boxing is one of the most advantageous combat style or martial art in the street fight. The main reason for this is the mobility, precision, and speed of the punches as well as the reflexes of the boxers. The stamina of the boxers adds an extra bonus to this style. However, few things the boxers lag behind is the grappling and kicking abilities. A kicker and a grappler always stand good chances in front of a boxer. Furthermore, a boxer can guard only the head or upper body but they may find it difficult to block or defend the takedowns or leg kicks.

Advantages of MMA


Mix Martial Arts consists of a countless number of advantages in front of any other fighting style. In fact, there are very few disadvantages to this martial art. It can be described as a complete martial art with not only deadly moves but technical moves as well. It involves boxing, kicking, grappling and submission holds as well. Furthermore, it fills a fighter full of confidence so there is not any chance for these fighters to be afraid of their opponents.

MMA vs Boxing

Boxing MMA
Involves striking only with hands. Involves boxing, kicking as well as grappling.
No submission hold abilities. Submission holds are their prime technique.
Strong upper body. Strong overall body.
Consists of short or mid-range attacks only. Consists of variations of ranges in attacks from short to long-range.
A boxer does not have any MMA abilities. An MMA fighter has good boxing abilities.

Conclusion for MMA vs Boxing

If you have read the articles till here then, it is easy to decide that MMA fighter will win the contest very easily. MMA fighter got variations of attacks, defense, and counter abilities. Their long-range attacks like spinning punches and kicks add an extra amount of advantage over Boxing. Even an amateur MMA fighter can cripple an average level Boxer with the leg kicks very easily. Therefore, we can conclude the result of MMA vs Boxing by declaring the MMA as the winner.

These analyses are made only for knowledge purposes without any intention of giving priority to any of the martial art. Furthermore, one thing to keep in mind is that both of the fighting styles are not against each other. Moreover, every MMA fighter learns Boxing at first as it is easy and natural.


Without the use of Boxing, MMA cannot be that effective as we have mentioned. So, a good MMA fighter always respects Boxing so do we. After all, style does not win the fight but individual do.

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