Muay Thai vs Judo | Best Striking Art vs The Best Grappling Art | Art Of 8 Limbs vs Art Of Gentle Way

Muay Thai vs Judo. This will be one of the toughest contests you can ever imagine. If you are reading this post then you must be a big fan of martial arts. You must have been familiar with the world of martial arts. Muay Thai and Judo must be quite known to you and why not? These two are among the best martial arts our ancestors have ever gifted to us. And what if these two styles which have different origins, strategies, and with different concepts go one on one against each other? Muay Thai vs Judo.

The best striking art vs the best grappling art. Thai art vs Japanese art. What happens next when they face each other. It will be one hell of a fight among the best of bests. Let’s analyze the result of Muay Thai vs Judo thoroughly.


Advantages of Judo


Judo is one of the best martial art for close combats. It focusses mainly on grappling, joint lockings, throwing and submission holds. The practitioners finish fights in a gentle way as possible. But the gentleness is not for the opponent, its for the practitioners. The main principle of Judo is maximum efficiency with minimum effort. So the fighters can easily do some big damage with very fewer efforts. That’s why even an average size practitioner can throw an opponent off who is of double the size of the practitioner. The submission holds like arm-bar and naked chokes is another crucial factor that makes Judo a very effective martial art which is practiced all around the world nowadays. However, they lack the ability to strike the opponents but they can counter any strikes coming towards them and use it against the opponent itself.

Advantages of Muay Thai

Muay Thai which is known as Art of Eight Limbs” is sometimes referred to as one of the most lethal art and it really is very lethal. The strikes and the toughness of Muay Thai practitioners say it all as discussed in previous posts. It a perfect martial art which can give form to some perfect human weapon. The vicious roundhouse kicks, the deadly flying knees and the dual combination of elbows and punches give it’s opponent the worst experience of its life. Sometimes many fighters end up having the last fight of his or her life while competing against a Muay Thai tournament. The strikes especially the shin strikes are very damaging for the opponents. However, Muay Thai fighters do not have much grappling or countering abilities.


Muay Thai Vs Judo

Let’s take a brief look at the differences between Muay Thai and Judo.

Muay Thai Judo
It involves striking. It includes grappling
Uses too much effort and energy for striking. It focusses on throwing and damaging opponents with minimum efforts.
Do not use any submission holds. The specialist in submission holds.
Very harsh training. Average level training.
The training does not involve much about moral values of life. Training also includes life lessons.
Practitioners have a very well-conditioned body. Fighters are averagely toned and conditioned.
Fighters generally have a very high level of energy and stamina. Judokas have an average level of energy and stamina.
Very useful in street fights. Not very useful in street fights.
Useful for fighting multiple opponents. Best for fighting a one on one contest.


Well, this contest of Muay Thai vs Judo will be one of the most spectacular fights you will ever see. In history, many such fights were organized. To be honest, if there is a one on one fight between a grappler and a striker then, the grappler always stands good chances of winning. But in this case, Judo will not win easily. The fight will be very competitive. However, there is a 60% chance that the Judo fighter will win.

The main reasons for this are their abilities to counter the strikes and use it against their opponent to deliver them with damaging powerful throws or the submission holds. Muay Thai fighter may bear some hard blows to their bodies but they cannot resist the joint locks and submission holds and eventually end up tapping out the fight. Therefore, we can say Judo as the winner of Muay Thai vs Judo.


But, one should not have any bad expectations from any of these martial arts. Moreover, both martial art have their own precious advantages which we all should respect. Rather than going for any style of martial art, go for the one in which you have passion and dedication.


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