Progression Run

Progression run, the best running option for gaining many advantages over any other runs. Whether you are a beginner or an elite, adding this type of run to your schedule will give you much more advantage than any other piece of training. But what really is this type of run? What are its techniques and specifications? What are its advantages? Are there any risks of this kind of run? Let’s make a scientific analysis of it.

What is Progression Run?

Progression run

There are many different types of runs that have many different advantages and purposes. These are the type of runs that are meant to make progression in running performance both from stamina as well as pace point of view. They are moderate or highly challenging and require more effort than base runs but less than tempo or speed sessions.

These are structured and designed to start at a normal pace and then to make the progression to a faster pace gradually till the end. Example- 2 km at a natural pace and 3 km at a progressive pace.

Structure and How to do a Progression Run

How to do a progression run? It is simply to start slow and end fast. When I was preparing for my previous college race of 12 km, I used to do more progression runs than any other training. If you are a beginner, you can start the training of your progression run after you have done a good piece of training in base runs or easy runs. Base runs will build your stamina while the progression run will let you gradually increase your pace as well as efficient use of your stamina. One of the most common questions that arise is how far you should run? And the answer is there is a number of possibilities.

You can do a 5k or a 10k run it will not matter much. The main goal of the run is to run at your goal pace at the end of the workout even with your tired legs. You can set a distance from your home and start at a normal pace but when you are returning, make sure you are ought to be 1-2 minute faster than the pace you came with. I hope it is clear to you how to do a progression run.

Benefits of a Progression Run

One of the main benefits of a progression run as described above is that your body learns to increase speed in a fashionable manner as a result, your body will not even feel that it is putting effort to increase the speed. It teaches you some mental patience and allows your body to fully warm up before running at a faster pace.

Many runners are too eager to press their accelerators on their runs while progression runs will help you to become more disciplined and it is the only thing that differentiates you from them which can become one of the most important winning factors. Therefore, understanding the benefits of a progression run can give you the boost to win the race.

During the college race that I have mentioned above, at the very beginning, the 2nd position holder was almost 1 km ahead of me but due to my good use of experiences I have gained from the training of this type of run, at the end of the race, I successfully beat him by a distance of 1 km.

Always remember that most of the long-distance running can be predicted after the first 2 km. So have some patience till 2 km and after then show the crowd the magic of your progression.

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