Armbar and Its Science | Inside Armbar and How to do it

Armbar is one of the most fundamental submissions moves of martial arts like Judo, BJJ, and Mix Martial Arts or MMA. It is very effective at all levels. The multiple variations of this submission pose a constant threat while creating transition opportunities. It can easily break someone’s arm without much effort. Even a kid who got perfection in this submission hold can break a bodybuilder’s hand very easily. While most people think that their fight is over when they are down and their opponent gets above them. But if you know the armbar and you are below your opponent then, the fight will be surely over but it will be over for your opponent only. Let’s take a deep look into this move and let’s know better how to do an armbar.


The armbar is a combination of two levers. When your legs are pushed up against your opponent’s neck or body, your arm supply downward pressure to his trapped wrist. The opposing forces turn the elbow of your opponent into a fulcrum point which later results in the complete destruction of elbows articulating structure due to which your opponent gets immense pain at his elbow joint making him tap out then and there.

How to do an Armbar?

  1. The basic set up of armbar comes into the effect when you are below your opponent in the guard position. At first lookout for the punches and try to escape from those as much as possible.
  2. Then all you have to do is grab one the arm of your opponent and control its elbow. Make sure that you are still in the guard position and your legs are crossed in a figure four-way trapping your opponent in between your legs.
  3. Keep on controlling your opponent’s elbow. Try to grab him by the wrist and let your opponent struggle a bit so that he or she gets tired until your final shot.
  4. Raise the leg of the opposite side as you are holding your opponent’s arm and wrap it around your opponent’s neck and drag him down. For example- if you are grabbing its right arm then you have to raise your left leg and take it around your opponent’s neck.
  5. And now you are almost done. Just apply some pressure on the elbow with the help of your hand as well as your hip movement until your opponent taps out.

Now you might have witnessed many armbar submissions in UFC or other combat games. Some of them are just phenomenal. It includes- flying armbar by Demetrious Johnson, an insane armbar extension to Tony Ferguson, and many more.

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