Spinning Back Kick | Perfect Kick to Target The Ribs And The Liver

Spinning kicks of Taekwondo, Muay Thai or MMA always seems fabulous when we hear it. Whether it’s a tornado kick, a wheel kick, or any other. Here we are going to discuss spinning back kick which in my point of view is the most applicable kick as your opponent can rarely escape that kick. And not to mention, you look really cool doing it. Spinning kicks are one of the coolest kicks whether it is spinning back kick in Japanese, Korean, spinning back kick in Muay Thai, or Taekwondo spinning back kick. This move is used to hit your opponent right in the rib cage or solar plexus to be more technical, so it is quite deadly. And no matter what is the level of the competition, spinning kick knockouts will be remembered by everyone in the crowd. Who will forget the Edson Barboza spinning kick? Probably the best spinning kick in UFC or MMA history. And how to hit that? Let’s take a good look. Before going for the shot do keep in mind the common mistakes that most of the people do while hitting spinning back kick.


How To Do Spinning Back Kick?


Step 1: Stand at the fighting stance and make a clear decision where to hit your opponent. At first, try to read your opponent’s move about where he or she gonna take the next step so that you can set your kick up.

Step 2: The hitting leg should be at the backward position while the non-hitting leg at forward.

Step 3: Before rotating your body, rotate your shoulder first. Keep an eye on your target until and unless you rotate your body. After that rotate your body. Make this step as quickly as possible as you are not watching your opponent for some time.

Step 4: Lift the knee of your hitting leg and hit your target with the heel of your foot. Make sure your knee does not get lifted sideways otherwise you may miss the target. Also, make sure to place the kick while watching your opponent.

Note:- There are many variations to the spinning back kick that you can try. Like a jumping spinning back kick or back kick after a fake rotation. But these are some of the advanced level moves which you can execute after perfecting your back kick.

Why Is It So Dangerous?

Spinning back kick of Taekwondo or Muay Thai is really very dangerous whether it is a spinning kick to the body or head. All the strength and power in this kick comes from the spin. It uses a little bit of principle of centrifugal force. The power is generated in the kick by the rotation of the body like a wrecking ball generate power from the demolition crane. While snapping the kick, the foot reaches a velocity of almost 30 miles per hour. When the heel connects to the solar plexus or abdominal area of your opponent, it transfers more than 1000 pounds of force which is sure enough to fracture multiple ribs and damage internal organs.


As this spinning back kicks to the body is quite deadly so don’t just go around using it in all your opponents during sparrings as it may injure your sparring partner very seriously. Use it with precaution. There are tons of videos available on YouTube on this kick you could check them out to understand the techniques explained in this article better. And of course, practice makes everything perfect. So before you go around performing this cool kick you would want to practice enough. Feel free to leave any questions or queries in the comments section.

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