Street Fight and MMA | Does Mix Martial Arts work in a Street Fight?

The most obvious question in everyone’s mind who is about to join some kind of combat sport is street fight and MMA. Will MMA in street fights work? The easy and simple answer is yes, obviously it will work. The reason for this will be explained in the depth of this article. But first, pause for a moment and make sure one thing that street-fight is not a good thing. Even if you gain a victory, you will lose respect. Avoid these types of situations as much as possible. MMA or any other martial arts are not meant for street fights. Here are some true and analyzed facts about a street fight and MMA.


The Result and The Reasons of MMA in Street Fights

Well, the results of street fight and MMA depend a lot on many factors like the use of weapons, how many opponents a fighter is dealing with but if it’s an one on one fight then, obviously the MMA fighter stands a greater chance. This is because someone who knows MMA or other martial arts knows how to fight well whether it’s a street fight or a competition. They know it far better than the regular street fighters. MMA fighters know how to grapple, how to hit, and where to hit, they know how to take your opponent down and how to escape or block the opponent’s attacks and make the perfect use of MMA in street fights. While a regular street fighter only knows to throw punches with high intensity, an MMA fighter knows how to conserve energy and stamina and uses it in the later stage of the fight when the opponent has lost all its energy.

Grappling in street fight

Advantage Of “NO RULES” in Street Fight Goes To!!!

Most of the street fighters got one advantage that there are no rules to follow while fighting and moreover, they have beaten many guys before. But the thing is that each and every martial artist, especially the MMA fighters have one dream to fight without any rule one day. And if they get involve in a street fight then, they get that dream comes true and they will not let that chance to go from their hands and give their best in that fight. Ans it will clearly depict the differences and similarities in fighting styles and techniques in street fight and MMA.

And regarding the experience of the street fighter of beating many guys does not come into effect in this. This is due to the reason that most of the street fighters either aim for the guys who are not of their competition or will go in a gang to fight someone who is alone. But an MMA fighter has done a countless number of sparrings. They did many fights during competitions or tournaments with someone who is of equal level to him or her.

The Grounded Situation of MMA in Street Fights


One of the most important parameters in a street fight is the situation when someone gets grounded by their opponent. If someone gets grounded then, the fight is over in most cases. But there is always an exception to the cases. And the exception here is the MMA fighters. If a guy is grounded in a street fight then, he is no more in the fight. But until and unless he is an MMA fighter, he can give a good competition to the standing guy. MMA fighters are well trained on how to fight in the ground. Even other martial arts like Wrestling, BJJ, Judo are also specialists in this section. So if an MMA fighter fell on the ground, the fight is still on for him.

Quality Vs Quantity in Street Fight and MMA


There are many cases or incidents when martial art guy won in street fights even when they were outnumbered. This is because quality overcomes the quality in those incidents. An average MMA guy can confidently say that they can face 3-5 opponents easily. They follow some “Golden Rules” to face this kind of situation. Even some martial arts like Kung Fu and a few forms of Karate give special training to use weapons like nunchucks. Furthermore, the bodies of the MMA fighters are very well-conditioned. They can take more hittings than street fighters. They cannot be easily knocked out. Moreover, fighting IQ is better in MMA fighters than street fighters which lets them use perfect techniques of MMA in street fights at the perfect point in time. And most importantly, they know how to get back up again when they fall. They never give up and that is one prime difference between fighters of a street fight and MMA.

How Dangerous MMA Fighters Are?

So, it will be better for the street fighters who think they can beat an MMA fighter easily not to mess with any of them. MMA fighters have got long-range Taekwondo kicks, short-range Muay Thai knee, and elbow strikes, grappling skills from wrestling, and the submission hold of Judo and BJJ. While MMA fighters got a whole lot of skills to fight, a street fighter only knows to throw punches.

So, the question is- Are MMA fighters dangerous? Well, the answer depends on how you are treating him. If you are trying to be friendly with him then, you do not have to worry about anything. They are very friendly and social too. Even they can give you some good life lessons as well as motivations. But if you are an unskilled guy and inviting him for a street fight then, you are about to meet the most horrible nightmare of your life. MMA fighters are dangerous as hell in a fight. They gonna give you a very good fight in a street fight and MMA too.

MMA fighters are made for this and can use MMA in street fights or wherever it is necessary. They get themselves trained for this. They keep themselves prepared for this anytime and anywhere. MMA fighters even know how to deliver low blows, eye-gouging, fish hooking which are illegal in MMA competitions. But if some MMA fighter got themselves to use MMA in street fights then undoubtedly they will use these illegal moves. But this time there will be no referee to stop them. Well, the most profitable persons in the clash between street fight and MMA will be the audiences who will be witnessing the use of MMA in street fights.


One thing you should always keep in mind that, all martial artists are fighters but all fighters are not martial artists.

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