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The most common and important question for the running enthusiast is which type of running shoes are the best ones? And if you are a pro runner then, you should definitely give a whole lot of importance to the answer. Whether it’s a short sprint of 100m or a long marathon but the type of running shoes you are wearing matters a lot. Not only for your performance a good pair of shoes can prevent lots of injuries a well.

Every year, many people got injured not only during running but during other of their workouts like martial arts practice or even walking. Not wearing a proper pair of shoes is one primary reason for most of the injuries. It is been reduced to a great extent due to invention and innovations in designs but however, people often get confused in selecting the best one for them. It is not necessary that expensive shoes will prevent injuries. Only the shoes which are comfortable in one’s foot can prevent it.  If we see this thing from a common person’s point of view then it is very easy to pick a pair and keep on practicing and practicing. But if you are a professional or want to be a professional in the field of running then, it is not that simple. A pro always analyzes the stuff and make the best out of it. So let’s analyze some.

Types of Foot

Some say the type of running shoes completely depends upon the type of race you gonna perform but in actual it depends more on the type of foot you have. Well, you may know or not know but the types of the foot are broadly categorized into 3 divisions namely-

  1. Normal foot,
  2. High-Arched foot
  3. Low-arch or Flat foot

The type of food varies from individual to individual. Do you know what type of foot you have? If you don’t know then any worries. There are many ways to find it. The easiest way to find out the type of foot is by a test commonly known as “Wet Foot Test”. If you want to explore more about the type of foot then, check out our posts based on the type of foot and how to find it.

Type of Running Shoes Based on Your Foot Type

  • Neutral Shoes:- These are the shoes that are preferred for the runners with normal foot types. A runner with a normal foot along with a neutral shoe can be a great combination to steal the show. A shoe with good cushioning can act as a very good impact absorber. Nike zoom Pegasus 35, Adidas Adizero Prime are two of the most popular neutral type of shoes.
  • Motion-control or stability shoes:- These types of running shoes are for the runners with high or low arched to control the faulty motion of their foot. These types of shoes are further divided into two types-
  1. Overpronation Shoes:– This type of running shoes are for the low-arched or flat-footed runners. The flat-footed runners tend to pronate (inward rolling of foot or ankle while running) more than the neutral or low-arched runner due to which they are more vulnerable to knee injuries. These are more like a neutral shoe but with better cushioning or wearings on the inside portion of the shoe especially on the inner portion of forefoot and heels. Adidas Ultra Boost ST, Asics GT-4000 are two of the best motion control type of shoes.
  2. Under pronation or Supinating Shoes:– These are the type of shoes for high-arched runners. A runner with a high-arched foot under-pronate or supinate. This means that the ankle or the foot of the runner rolls outwards. So under pronation shoes or supinating shoes are basically stability shoes with good cushioning or wearing on the outside portion of the foot. Asics Gel-Foundation 12 is a good example of a supinating type of shoes.

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These are the type of shoes based on the foot type. There are various shoes on the basis of types of plain on which you run such as Road-running shoes, Trail-running shoes, and Cross-training shoes. The selection of perfect shoes is one of the key factors of running. A wrong shoe can not only affect your running performance but also results in severe injuries. However, by only wearing good shoes only you cannot win a race. As we have heard from our very childhood that practice makes it perfect. And yes, it is true. A good pair of shoes can only aid the efficiency of your running. There are a whole lot of other factors to win a race like proper running technique, mental toughness, proper use of running pace, etc.

Type of Running-shoes

So practice like you have never won but play like you have never lost.

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