Yop Chagi or The Side Kick | The Best Long-Range Move

You must have heard of superkicks in Pro wrestling shows like WWE? If not then you must have heard about Heart Break Kick or Sweet Chin Music, the finishers of famous Pro wrestler Shawn Michael? Yop Chagi or the sidekick is the basic name of that kick and technically it is a basic Taekwondo kick. It is a very powerful and effective kick because it is used to target either the abdomen or the face with a great long-range. However, targeting the face required lots of flexibility and accuracy and we can gain that perfect accuracy and flexibility only by practice.

Yop Chagi

Yop Chagi training needs lots of hard work and there are many flexibility exercises included in the training. Yop Chagi kick is one of the perfect kick to target the liver of your opponent. According to some professionals, you should target the liver. Because the abdominal portion remains open to attacks most of the time. Furthermore, hitting a low kick require fewer energies than those high head kicks. And here is how to perform this kick.

How to Execute the Yop Chagi:

  1. From the ready position turn your waist to the side slightly and raise the knee of your kicking leg. Pull the leg close to your body to collect some potential energies in it.
  2. Turn your grounded or non-hitting leg by 170 to 180 degrees.
  3. Stretch the kicking leg powerfully and kick with the outer part of the foot and it will be best if you can deliver the kick with the heel of your foot.
  4. Try to retrieve the foot as soon as possible and get back to the initial position.
  5. You can deliver this kick with the front foot as well as the back foot. Moreover, kicking with the front foot gives your opponent less time to react.
  6. Many have modified the technique of Yop Chagi by taking a step and then hitting the target and named it as step aside kick and it is very powerful and does lots of damage to your opponent.

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