10 Easy Tips and Remedies To Get Dandruff Free Eyebrows


Do you have those dry flakes of dandruff not only on your head but also in your eyebrows? Are you wondering about the fact, is eyebrow dandruff normal? If you are, then let us dive in and know a little more about this annoying situation. Dandruff is a chronic condition that develops on the scalp and causes flaking of the skin. This can also happen in places other than the scalp, like in your eyebrows. Dandruff causes a loss in eyebrows, the skin gets dry and causes the hair to fall. Eyebrow dandruff can happen to anyone, at any age. Now let us learn, how to treat eyebrow dandruff naturally. There are many home remedies to treat eyebrow dandruff and also some specific shampoos.

Lets’ look at a few of them:

Egg Oil or Tea Tree Oil To Get Dandruff Free Eyebrows

This is the oldest and most effective method for treating dandruff. When you use egg, the natural oils in the skin increase and this prevents dryness and dandruff.

egg for dandruff free eyebrows

Tea tree oil contains antifungal properties and that helps in getting rid of the fungus and the dryness and consequently also dandruff.

To use tea tree oil, heat up the oil in a microwave, then take a cotton ball and apply the oil to the eyebrows. Leave this for 10-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Follow this routine 3 times every day until you get satisfying results.

Aloe Vera gel To Treat Dandruff in Eyebrows

Aloe Vera is the answer to many of the skin problems. It renews the skin and brings back the moisture, which in turn reduces dandruff and eyebrow loss. You can use commercially found Aloe Vera gel if the pure plant happen to cause any irritation. Apply it on your eyebrows and keep it for 15 minutes. Let the gel dry naturally, then wash it off with normal water.

aloe vera to cure dandruff in eyebrows

Moisturize Your Brows

Moisturizing is key to preventing dryness, which creates dandruff. So, if you want to prevent brow dandruff then moisturize your brows regularly. You can apply an oil-based cream on your eyebrows or a vitamin E rich cream; both are great for preventing dry skin. Vitamin E works well on a ton of other beauty routines. Apply it at night wash it off properly the next morning. Make sure you are not using a non-comedogenic cream (which will create pimple problems).

thick eyebrows

Use Gentle Shampoo

Since your brows are right next to your eyes it is important to use products that are gentle and not irritating. That’s why gentle shampoos like baby shampoo works best as it is soothing and also cleanses the clogged pores and oil buildup. Moreover, it gets rid of bacterial or fungal infections that may have caused dandruff in the first place.


So take a glass of water and add a pump of baby shampoo. Dampen your brow area, dip a cotton bud and run the cotton bud over your eyebrows for a couple of times. Wash off the solution after a few seconds. Repeat this process twice a day.

Use Warm Water

You might be fond of taking cold showers but showering with water that is too cold might cause dryness to our skin and subsequently lead to eyebrow dandruff. Dandruff in eyebrows again causes redness and irritation. Warm water works perfectly for getting some relief from the redness and irritation.

Take some warm water in a bowl and a hand towel. Dip the hand towel in the water let it sit for a few minutes. Place it on your eyes and leave for 15 minutes. Re-soak the towel every time it gets cool down. Follow through this once every day.

Avoid Makeup

We all love to do makeup, we can enhance our best features and look gorgeous with a little touch of makeup. But removing it at the end of the day is also very important because any makeup residue may contribute to skin problems.

avoid makeup to cure dandruff in eyebrows

When you have an eyebrow dandruff problem going on, it’s best to avoid using makeup. The ingredients in makeup make the area dry and increase dandruff. Instead, you can use a natural oil or gel to give your eyebrows shape and make sure to remove it properly at the end of the day.

Dandruff in Eyebrows and Winter

In winter the skin tends to get dry the most. The cold and dryness of winter can cause dandruff around the eyebrow, whether you have dry or oily skin. To avoid this moisturizing is very important. Before going to bed, put a coat of your favorite oil and wash it off in the morning. When you apply moisturizer to the skin, don’t forget to concentrate on the brows too. Drink lots of water. You can also occasionally put a coat of honey for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Make a Hibiscus Mask To Get Rid of Dandruff In Eyebrows

Gather 5-6 hibiscus flower and some hibiscus leaves. Use a blender and churn the flowers and leaves to make a paste. Add 3 tablespoons of warm coconut oil to it. Apply the paste on your brows carefully so that it doesn’t touch your eye. Lying on your back would be a great idea to avoid any from getting in your eye. Lay there for 15-30 minutes, then remove the paste with your hand and let the oil soak for one more hour. Wash it off with water. Follow this process 2-3 times a week. 

hibiscus to cure dandruff in eyebrows

Visit a Doctor

If you happen to experience any irritation and problem and natural remedies do not work for you, it might be a good decision to visit a doctor. You might have some skin infection or disorder which might need some special treatment. These cases are usually rear and mostly applying a pack or moisturizing daily heals the problem and gets rid of dandruff.

go to a doctor

 Eyebrows are an important part of our face since it enhances our facial features and hence taking care of this important feature should not be neglected. 

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