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Having dry frizzy and brittle hair is a big problem. Are you suffering the same? We all have those days when nothing “suits” in our hair. You neither can tie it nor let it down. Humidity does its work and the hair goes dry and frizzy. If you have the problems of frizzy dry and rough hair, this hair mask is the exact thing you need in your life. Here in this hair mask, we are using yogurt, which is the main game-changer that makes this mask work wonders for you. And honey, as we all know, is an age-old proven magical ingredient for all our problems.

Why Yogurt Hair Mask Could be Very Helpful for Your Hair

yogurt hair mask

Yogurt contains high levels of lactic acids and multi-vitamin which is very beneficial for damaged and dull hair. This yogurt proves to be more beneficial for our hair than many expansive hair care products over the counter. It is safe and easily available to us. The benefits of yogurt for your hair are:

  • Yogurt helps tame hair frizz: using yogurt will definitely help you tame your frizz and make your hair more manageable bale. This is due to the lactic acid formula.
  • We know yogurt adds shine to dull dry hair: yogurt has high-quality lactic acids which will help you get beautiful shiny and lustrous hair.
  • It reduces hair fall: mixing yogurt with methi seeds can reduce your hair fall and hair loss.
  • Also, it helps get rid of dandruff: yogurt can help fight dandruff since it has anti-fungal properties.

Why Honey Could Work As An Excellent Hair Mask

honey hair mask

Honey is an age-old ingredient used by humans from the early days of Egyptian tombs. It has been proved to be multi-beneficial ingredients for skin, hair and medical proposes. Few of the many benefits are;

  • Honey is an emollient which makes it an amazing conditioner.
  • This ingredient contains antioxidants that will give a healthy scalp and increases hair growth.
  • This sweet substance has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that will protect and prevent the scalp from infection and hence keep dandruff and dryness away that the scalp.

So, let’s see how to make this hair mask.


  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey


Start by combining both the ingredients together in a bowl. Make a good thick paste out of it. Now spread it on your hair and work all the way from the scalp to the roots.

Give a good massage to your scalp. Massage thoroughly and focus more on the scalp. You need to make sure the mask covers up the scalp and spread well till the roots.

Leave the hair mask for about 15-20 minutes. Now wash off the mask with normal water. But wash it very well so that no residue is left behind.

You can use conditioner if you want but a little in the ends will be fine.

Do this treatment once every week and watch your hair restore its health and shine. Use until you get satisfying results.

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