How to Avoid Being a Victim of Coronavirus Disease


Coronavirus has spread all across the world like wildfire. And it seems as destructive as wildfire. The disease coronavirus is caused by the SARS CoV 2 virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2). As dangerous the disease is, it is not half as difficult to avoid being a victim of coronavirus disease creating virus SARS CoV 2. In fact, there are a ton of measures that we can follow to make sure we do not get infected by the virus. In the article, we tried to list out all the possible preventive measures for the termination of the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Safety Measures You Can Follow to Avoid Coming in Contact With Coronavirus

Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene can be helpful in avoiding a lot of diseases including the coronavirus disease. Keep a sanitizer in your reach wherever you go. Use it often, especially before and after doing anything that requires contact with your mouth and nose. Examples of such work might be eating, drinking beverages, wiping your face, etc.

Make sure to use makeup items that are clean. Do not share your makeup products with others, nor use makeup that belongs to others. Even though your hands look clean, keep using the sanitizer. Make sure to wash your hands properly before eating or preparing food. You can not see disease-causing microorganisms with bare eyes. Wash your hands and feet and the clothes you wore after traveling outside.

Increase the use of disinfectants while cleaning your clothes. Use alcohol-based handwash and soap to clean your hands and body. Use warm water while showering and cleaning your clothes and utensils as the virus can not resist heat more than 26-27 degrees Celcius. Following good hygiene can save you from coming in contact with the virus altogether.

Be Careful of What You Eat

Practice good hygiene and keep an eye on what you eat. Properly wash all the utensils used in cooking and serving food. Try to avoid eating raw food especially meat and fish products. Raw seafood is suspected to be one of the major contributors to the spread of the virus. Clean raw food like fruits and vegetables as properly and thoroughly as possible.

Use different chopping materials like chopping knives or chopping board for cutting raw and to be cooked products. Cook the products that you intend to consume after cooking properly and thoroughly. Drink water that has been boiled and cooled. Be extra careful while consuming meat and fish products.

While cleaning the meat and fish make sure to use clean water and wash them properly so that you may get rid of as much dirt as possible. Cook it throughout, make sure that the meat and fish products you are about to consume are properly cooked. Try to eat food that you know is locally produced. Avoid food that might be imported from countries that are most affected by the outbreak. Avoid eating out, as you do not know the circumstances under which the food is prepared.

Face Masks

face mask to avoid being a victim of coronavirus

Face masks are your best friends and the one must-have accessory whenever we are traveling outside. Do not remove the face mask outside if possible. They are an affordable and effective way to save yourself from the disease. The SARS CoV 2 virus cannot affect us even if it comes in contact with our skin.

The virus does not have the ability to penetrate the skin. Only when it can enter our body through our mouth or nose into our respiratory system, it gains the ability to infect us. Lucky for us the virus has a pretty big diameter that prevents them from entering through the masks. That is why masks are such an effecting tool and why you should wear them everywhere you go.

Maintaining Distance From People

maintaining distance to avoid being a victim of coronavirus

It might be a wise idea to keep a bit of distance from people if you want to avoid being a victim of coronavirus. Maintain a proper distance from people when you are public.

The main goal is to stay at a distance so that their breath can’t touch yours. Maintain a good distance (almost one meter) from anyone who you see sneezing or coughing. It might just be a common cold, or it might be something worse. Either way, you don’t wanna take the risk.

Not Touching Face and Nose

don't touch your face to avoid being a victim of coronavirus

Try not to or at least avoid touching your face especially mouth and nose as much as possible. When you are in public avoid the acts that may need you to touch your mouth and nose. When we go out, we happen to come in contact with a lot of surfaces.

If one of those surfaces happens to contain the SARS CoV 2, and you happen to touch your face after coming in contact with the virus, it may enter your system through your mouth or nose and you may fail to avoid being a victim of coronavirus. It can not affect you if it only touches your skin.

But once it gets inside your body it can harm you. Therefore, simply avoid touching your face when you are out. You are safe to touch your face again once you are back in the comfort of your own home and have washed your hands properly. If you absolutely can not refrain from touching your face in public, carry an alcohol-based sanitizer in your person all the time. Make sure to remember to clean your hands with the sanitizer just before touching your face.

Avoid Travel as Much as You Can

avoid travel to avoid being a victim of coronavirus

If you are planning to take a trip to countries like China or Japan, then the wise thing to do would be to cancel or at least postpone the trip if it’s unavoidable.

The coronavirus outbreak in China has affected the country beyond imagination. So it might not be the best idea to travel to China right now. In fact, try to travel as little as possible in order to avoid being a victim of coronavirus.

Travelling is one of the ways by which the virus could spread to such an extent. Therefore, if possible stay where you are for the time being and hope for the best. If you happen to be experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms while traveling, definitely avoid traveling. If you still have to travel, carry tissues, and make sure to use them while coughing and sneezing. Do not sneeze or cough in the open air as it may contribute to the spread.

Seek Medical Care

medical care to avoid being a victim of coronavirus

If you have any of the symptoms of the coronavirus disease like cold, cough or trouble in breathing, don’t be late and contact the doctor immediately. Most of the coronavirus symptoms are similar to that of common cold or flu. Therefore many might just ignore it thinking that it is nothing serious. Please do not make that mistake. For the sake of the safety of others and for your own, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Stay Up to Date About Coronavirus

A lot of information is available online on this specific disease. Make sure that you know about the latest information, at least about the prevention, symptoms, and affected areas. New research data and news of different areas being affected by the outbreak are emerging every day. Find out if your country happens to be one of the coronavirus affected countries.

Stay up to date with those to know if your area is one where the disease has found its victims. If your area, unfortunately, happens to be one of the areas that are suspected to be affected by the virus, then practice the preventive measures as strictly as possible. Visit websites like the WHO’s page giving advice to the public on what they can do to keep yourself and others safe from this disease.

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