All The Basic Information on Covid-19 That You Should Know Right Now!

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the COVID-19 disease. The internet, television basically wherever we look everyone is talking about this outrageous virus. But are you sure that you know the basic information on Covid-19? If you aren’t then you’ve come to the right place! Let us take a look at the basic information on Covid-19 as well as some amazing facts related to the Covid-19 disease or the Coronavirus!

Basic Information On Covid-19

What is Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus disease or the Covid-19 is a newly discovered infectious disease caused by a new strain of the family of Coronaviruses.

Coronavirus Symptoms?

Although the exact Coronavirus symptoms are yet to be determined. In case if you or anyone you know is worried about the virus, you should be on the lookout for the following symptoms – headaches, respiratory issues, fever, tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, and some people have also reported to have undergone diarrhea, nausea or running nose.

How Does It Affect Us?

This new virus is said to mainly spread through human contact such as by transmission of saliva or by discharges released from the nose of an infected person when the person sneezes. Further, It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it and then he/she touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Is this Virus Related to Bats?

According to reports, Covid-19 is said to have originated from bats. The virus got transmitted from Bats to Pangolins and then from Pangolins to Humans. However, this theory lacks tough pieces of evidence though.

Where in Wuhan was this Pandemic First Detected?

Wuhan market

The root source of the virus has been found to have spread from the Wuhan Wet Seafood Market in Wuhan, China. After that, there have been numerous outbreaks of Covid-19 including countries like Italy, the USA, the UK, India, etc.

Are the Young Affected?

This disease is most likely to affect elderly people but according to officials, there have been reports that younger people are indeed not invincible to the virus. So, it’s best that all of us are more precautious than usual.

Are There Any Basic Precautionary Steps?

Corona facts

The virus enters our body via our eyes, nose and/or mouth, so it’s very important that we avoid touching our face with dirty hands and are well sanitized.

Is There Any Vaccine or Drug to Treat Covid-19?

As of today, there is no vaccine or drug available for treating Covid-19. But Clinical trials are in place so we can hope for a vaccine very soon!

What is the Incubation Period?

According to WHO, the incubation period is estimated to be within 1 – 14 days, most commonly at around five days. The symptoms are very common so its better to be careful. Visit a doctor if you think your symptoms are getting more severe.

Is Covid-19 More Dangerous Than Other Viruses?

Most cases of COVID-19 are not that serious. However, due to its nature, it seems to cause symptoms that become severe, and may sometimes even lead to death. Having yourself checked up for the virus is a life-saving choice!

Is Quarantine Helpful?

Basic information on Covid-19

Yes, Quarantine has indeed proven to be helpful. Less contact with each other has led to slowing down the spread to an enormous degree. And if we keep practicing this, we can eradicate the virus as soon as possible.

Stay at home as much as possible. If you have extreme urgency to travel outside then make sure you keep in mind about these traveling tips during coronavirus outbreak.

Can Pets Spread Covid-19?

According to reports, there has only been one evidence of a dog being infected in China. And there are no further reports that suggest that pets can transmit the disease.

What Actions Should We Practice to End This Disease?

We as responsible citizens should practice wearing masks to cover our mouth and nose, we should restrict human contact as much as we can,  quit smoking and keep ourselves as clean and sanitized as possible.                               

The Total Number Of Coronavirus Cases

To date, there have been 3.58 million reported Coronavirus cases and the numbers are still piling up.

The Total Number Of Deaths

252,000 people have died from the coronavirus disease so far and the number is increasing day by day.


To date, the number lies at about 1.17 million.

I hope you were well informed through this article on “Basic information on Covid-19”! We hope to bring more and more articles to you. So please, do stay tuned!


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