5 Billie Eilish Songs that Talks about Terrifying Mental Disorders

Billie Eilish

If you had no idea who Billie Eilish is and you just randomly came across one of her songs, you never would have guessed she is only 18. If you look at the list of Billie Eilish songs, you’ll see that many of them have dark themes, like global warming and various mental disorders, things that the world is going through, things that everyone can relate to. Maybe that is why the singer has gained such a diverse and huge following over a relatively short period of time. Here we are going to see 5 very real mental disorders that can be found in Billie Eilish songs and lyrics.

Who Is Billie Eilish

Before diving into the universe of Billie Eilish’s dark songs, let’s learn who is Billie Eilish and how exactly did she become the Edgy yet relatable pop sensation. Eilish was born in a household of talent, both of her parents were musicians and her older brother too made a name for himself in the music industry.

Billie Eilish First Song

The fame that Billie Eilish gained was actually the result of serendipity. Billie Eilish’s first song that she recorded and got famous for can be called an accident. She was initially more interested to become a dancer rather than a singer. Ocean eyes, Billie Eilish’s first song was recorded because her dance teacher assigned her to make an original choreography. She recorded ocean eyes with the help of her brother and uploaded the song on Soundcloud so that her dance teacher could access it. But, her dance teacher wasn’t the only one who listened to the song. The beautiful melody and Billie’s singing caught the attention of many, the song went viral and that was just the start for Eilish.


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How Many Songs Does Billie Eilish Have

In her career until now, it’s amazing to see how many song Billie Eilish have and how many of them are loved by fans. Billie has 47 songs and 21 music videos in her 2 studio, 1 live, and 1 video album.

List of Billie Eilish Songs

Here is a list of all of Billie Eilish songs for your Billie Eilish songs playlist

  • All the good girls go to hell
  • NDA
  • Bury a friend
  • Getting older
  • You should see me in a crown
  • Wish you were gay
  • When the party’s over
  • Ocean eyes
  • Copycat
  • Come out and play
  • Ilomilo
  • !!!!!!!
  • Bad Guy
  • Billie Bossa Nova
  • 8
  • Bored
  • Lo Vas a Olvidar
  • Hotline Bling
  • goldwing
  • &Burn
  • When I was older
  • Xanny
  • My boy
  • Party Favor
  • Oxytocin
  • No time to die
  • Idontwannabeyouanymore
  • Lovely
  • Male Fantasy
  • My strange addiction
  • Bellyache
  • I didn’t change my number
  • Everything I wanted
  • I love You
  • Sirens
  • Watch
  • Bitches broken heart
  • Your power
  • Goodbye
  • My future
  • Not my responsibility
  • Sunny
  • Hostage
  • Lost causes
  • Listen Before I go
  • Six feet under
  • Overheated

Billie Eilish and Justin Biber

The story of Billie Eilish and Justin Biber is really adorable and it makes Billie very much relatable. We all have that favorite celebrity that we love and wanna meet someday. For Billie, it was Justin Biber. In fact, she loves Justin Biber so much that she said that she wanted to be famous just so she could meet Justin Bieber once. This kind of fangirling is normal for someone who is of Billie Eilish’s age, what makes her extraordinary is her ability to talk about real problems being faced in the world that is often ignored by her fellow teenagers.

Mental Disorders in Billie Eilish Songs Lyrics

The mental disorders depicted in Billie Eilish songs lyrics are very real and many suffer from them. Billie Eilish music videos too mostly have quite dark, gloomy, and honestly somewhat frightening imagery that suits the mood of the Billie Eilish dark songs quite well. Here are the disorders depicted in Billie Eilish songs lyrics.

When The Party’s Over, Meaning and Symbolism

In the lyrics of this song, when the party’s over, we see Billie singing about her lover who she never felt adequate to, to whom she says that she is not good enough for him. The lyrics also depict loneliness and a feeling of low self-worth. When we see the music video, the dark ink flowing through the eyes, and the overall gloominess to the atmosphere reminds us of one mental disorder, in particular, depression. Many of us do go through depression after the parting from a loved one, and this disease can particularly e devastating for those who have a low sense of self-worth.

Bury a Friend, Meaning and Symbolism

In this dark and honestly pretty creative song, bury a friend, Billie Eilish took the perspective of a monster that is hiding under the bed who asks questions like where is that that we go after we fall asleep. Well in plain sight, this song is about sleep disorders. Monsters or other presence can be felt by people who suer from sleep paralysis, and it is quite a terrifying phenomenon. In sleep paralysis, the body goes limp while our mind is awake while we are unable to move a single muscle. Sleep paralysis is non-lethal and quite treatable with the help of better sleep habits and stress management.

Lovely, Meaning and Symbolism

In the lyrics of Lovely, Billie Eilish talks about being stuck, being all alone, wanting to feel alive, but being unable to do so. This can be seen as a cry for help or very common symptoms of depression. People who are depressed feel unhappy and do not find much reason that excites them or makes them feel alive. Many feel crippling loneliness and many feel the anxiety of wanting to get out of the situation and helplessness in not being able to do so.

Depression is treatable with the help of medication, therapy, and support. So, if you or anyone you know is going through this, please try and help them. Talking it someone is often helpful for someone going through depression.

Idontwannabeyouanymore, Meaning and Symbolism

Even from the title of the song, Idontwannabeyouanymore, the meaning of the song is pretty clear. Not wanting to be themselves, as the Billie Eilish lyrics say if her teardrops could be bottled she could fill a swimming pool with it, the song is about sadness and depression. Falling apart twice a day in the song Billie tells her mirror that she doesn’t want to be herself anymore.

It could even be seen to be referring to body image issues, from the mirror she stands in front of in the video and the reference made to models. Billie even talked about her body image issues on occasions. Many teenagers go through body image issues, hating and being insecure about the smallest details. In this case, we need to realize that none of us are perfect and our imperfections do not make us any less special, in fact, most of the time the unique features that we are so insecure about makes us even more unique and special.

Xanny, Meaning and Symbolism

Billie Eilish talks about addiction in the lyrics of Xanny. She highlights the ugliness that she sees in the people who succumb to addiction. While Billie herself haven’t tried any of the additions that she talks about in the song using the word Xanny, she wonders what is about these things that bring no good, but get people hooked on them anyway.

While quitting addiction might seem hard, many are successfully doing it across the globe using the many rehab centers. Addiction is a common issue among even the celebrities, so there is nothing to be ashamed about falling into the habit. But staying in the habit will cost you, so seeking help and quitting as soon as possible is the best possible decision.

Bonus: Come Out and Play, Meaning and Symbolism

Different from the rest of the songs on the list, Billie Eilish in come out and play sings promises that no matter the hardships, in the end, it is all going to be worth it. The songs show hope in overcoming from adversity, as if amongst singing about all the dark things in the world, Billie wants us to know that the things we go through that are terrible and unbearable, will at the end of the day, if we hold on and keep fighting, will make us our best versions. We won’t have to keep silent anymore, we would be able to come out and just play.

Artists have always hidden their life and what they feel in their art, and seeing Billie’s art, we can see a lot of her true fears and insecurities in her songs. If you look at any of Billie Eilish outfits, you can see that she like many other teenage girls is not comfortable with herself, and you can feel some of that in her songs. In her pictures, she does not smile, and you see why in her album title don’t smile at me. She has talked about her anxiety and other disorders multiple times, and she wears it on herself, she does not try to hide any of it.

Because of these reasons, she is able to stand out among her peers and beloved by many. If you listen to her music, instead of being washed away by the sadness and gloom of it, you should try to take her as an inspiration. Take the help that you need and let’s just do our best, in Billie’s words, don’t shy away, come out and play.

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