4 Common Health Problems In Adolescence That You Should Be Aware Of

Adolescence can be referred to as the age group in between childhood and adulthood. This age group is further divided in four groups. They are:

  1. Early adolescence (10-14)
  2. Middle adolescence (15-17)
  3. Late adolescence/ Young adulthood (18-24)

Adolescence is the most crucial and sensitive stage of a person’s life and an individual faces lots of common health problems in adolescence. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, it is the building phase of life. So it is very important to nourish and nurture this phase very well. The people with age group normally from 10 to 19 years. It is a transitional stage where lots of physical, physiological, and psychological development takes place from puberty to legal adulthood. 

In girls, this period normally starts from the age of 10 and persist till 19 while in the case of boys it normally starts from 12 or 13. The changes in the body vary and it completely depends upon whether you are a guy or a girl. But one thing that remains constant is the health issues related to this age group. In the depth of this article, you will find some of the most common health problems in adolescence and the people who belong to this age group should take these matters quite seriously.


This is the one of the most common health problems in adolescence age group. According to researches, at this age, they gain 20-25 percent of height and 50 percent of the ideal growth. To support the rapid growth during adolescence, the body demands a great amount of energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins. A good amount of nutrient intake of both macro and micro-nutrients is very essential at this stage which will help to meet the increased demand due to speedy growth, sexual maturation, and menstruation (in the case of girls). 

common health problems in adolescence

Malnutrition may be the prime reason for problems like underweight,  poor brain development which might affect the education carrier a lot, poor general health, pregnancy, birth complications, and many more. In underdeveloped countries like African countries, most teenagers are suffering from malnutrition due to poverty while in some developing countries like India this has been one of the major and most common health problems in adolescence due to lack of awareness about the importance of nutrients during this crucial time.


It is the complete opposite of the case we have discussed above. According to surveys, approximately 12.7 million, or 17 percent, of children and adolescents are suffering from obesity. Obesity is said to be one of the easiest medical conditions to recognize but most difficult to treat. Unhealthy weight gain due to poor diet and lack of exercise is responsible for more than 300,000 deaths every year. Some of the common and easy ways to recognize it are BMI, weight-for-height index, waist circumference or WC, waist-hip ratio or WHR, and body fat percentage estimated by skinfold thickness or ST are widely accepted.

major adolescence health issue

If you are also someone who is on the verge of being obese or if you know someone who is in such a condition then do give them a helping hand and motivate them to fight it back. One can start by following a good health blog like the one you are reading right now, accepting some fitness challenges, watching some good fitness videos, avoiding as much junk food as possible and always be positive, and don’t give up.

Use of Substances

In modern society substance use is termed as a parameter to show enjoyment, thrill, and coolness in a person’s life and because of these mentalities of few people, most of the adolescent is using substances in such phase of life in which they are supposed to be more concern about their health and this has become a major issue of concern regarding the topic of common health problems in adolescence. There are varieties of countless substances available almost everywhere which have destroyed the lives of many. From alcohol to cigarettes, from marijuana to other high potential drugs, almost all kinds of substances have a bad impact on not only physical but mental health as well. 

According to national surveys, almost 70 percent of adolescent of USA try alcohol before their high school. 50 percent have considered themselves as current drinkers. These figures might seem to be just a number now but they will cause some bad long-term damage in the future. Some of the most common factors for an adolescent to take substances are having parents who use them, peers and role models who encourage it, availability of substances, and many more.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to the surveys carried out in 2018, there were approximately 26 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections in 2018 in the United States. About half of these cases are among people who are between the ages of 15 and 24. During the adolescence period, an individual goes through lots of physiological and psychological changes, and the urge and desire to try something new also rises and sex is among the prime urges that teenagers crave for. And because of this, many suffer from STDs some of which might be fatal.

Some of the most common ones are AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV) and, syphilis. Unwanted pregnancy is also one of the major common health problems in adolescence which are faced by many girls all around the world. To avoid all these, safe sex is prescribed. And keeping all these things in mind, sex education has been made a compulsory part of school education in many countries.

The world is a big place. Here, everything is available in vast quantities. There are a bunch of common health problems in adolescence but there is always a solution to each and every one of them. Rather than regretting the problems we got, we should always be positive towards life and look for solutions. And if you belong to the adolescent age group then you got a whole life to live and a whole lotta time to build it. So invest your time and effort nicely.

Thanks, folks for reading this post regarding common health problems in adolescence. Always remember that along with physical health, you should give importance to mental health as well. A sounded mind stays only in a sounded body and vice versa. Have a good time.

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