Face Mask For Coronavirus | Types of Mask You Should Wear For prevention

Panic is still going on and on due to this catastrophic coronavirus or the so-called covid-19. The internet, television basically wherever we look everyone is talking about this outrageous virus. As so far no cure has been found and scientist is continuously fighting to find a cure, as common persons it is our responsibility to prevent this disease as much as possible. One of the best ways you can prevent it is to wear a face mask for coronavirus. But there are a whole lot of face masks available in the market. Which one will be a good face mask for coronavirus outbreak? Let’s discuss the types of masks you should wear during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Types of Face masks

There are mainly two types of masks:

  1. Surgical masks
  2. Respirators

Surgical Masks

Mask for coronavirus

Surgical masks are the masks which are generally worn by medical practitioners. The surgical masks protect the wearer large droplet particles like sprays and splashes like the mouth droplets from other persons. However, more than preventing, it helps in stopping the spread of infectious diseases like flu from the wearer to others. These are disposable masks and you cannot use it several times. Now during this outbreak, wearing this mask will not protect you from the virus if it is present in your environment but if you already have that virus within your body then, wearing this mask will protect others from you. In other words, it can stop the virus from further spreading from a sick person.

If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, then it will be better for you as well as for the others to wear this kind of masks.

Respirators (The Best Face Mask for Coronavirus Outbreak)

Face mask for coronavirus outbreak

Respirators are the face masks that can save you from large droplets like sprays and splashes as well as from small particulate matters which includes bacterias and viruses as it filters the air to a great extent and is tight fitted. If you are planning to keep yourself safe and decided to buy a mask then, you should opt for the respirators only. The respirators can not only stop coronavirus from spreading but also prevent it from getting inhaled by you. However, not all respirators are capable of saving you from coronavirus. Only N95 or higher quality masks can do the work for you. We will explain these numbers and parameters in further depth of the article. One more great advantage of respirators is that you can use it several times.

Rating Systems for the Masks

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA)

Face mask for coronavirus

This system belongs to the USA and it uses a letter along with a number. The letter represents in what environment you should use it and the number represents how much air it can filter. So there are mainly 3 letters in this system-

  • N- Not oil resistant
  • R- Resistant to oil
  • P- Oil-proof

Similarly, the number represents the percentage of air it can filtrate. For example- 95 means it can filter out 95% of air particles. Generally, three numbers are used. i.e. 95,99,100 which stands for 95%, 99% and 99.9% respectively.

So N95 masks are not resistant to oil and it can filter out 95% of air particles.

European Rating Systems

This system is used in European countries. Many different letters are used in the system however, the concept of using letters and numbers remains the same. Following are the letters used in this system-

  • P1 or FFP1
  • P2 OR FFP2
  • P3 OR FFP3

P1, P2, and P3 filter 80%, 94% and 99.9% air particles respectively.

KF Rating System (Korea)

This system is used in Korea and it is very similar to other systems. The following are the standards of the masks-

  • KF80- It filters out 80% of air
  • KF94- It filters 94 percent air
  • KF99- 99.9% of air gets filtered by it

And if you want to make yourself safe from coronavirus then it will be good for you to wear either N95 or its equivalent masks like P3 or KF99 face masks for coronavirus outbreak.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Face Mask for Coronavirus

Nowadays, lots of fake or faulty face mask for coronavirus can be found in the market. So before buying a mask keep in mind these following things-

  • Make sure the mask is a genuine one. Check out the ratings which would be written somewhere in the masks.
  • Try to wear the mask and check it whether it fits you or not.
  • Before using the mask make sure your face is clean-shaven so that there won’t be any room for air to enter.
  • Also, check for the holes or tears in the mask before buying it.
  • Always wash your hands with sanitizers before wearing the mask and after taking it off.
Wear mask for coronavirus outbreak

Always remember friends, prevention is better than cure. So during this outbreak, everyone has a role to play and as common citizens, we have got a big role to play which is prevent this virus and stops it from spreading.

Thank you for reading this post regarding the face mask for coronavirus. We hope for a better future for you and the world too. If you want the greater illustration in the form of a video then please click here. Do not forget to give a look to our other posts too:

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