10 Amazing Green Tea Benefits that You Should Know About

Green Tea

If you want a refreshing drink that can aid in your weight loss process, green tea might be perfect for you. Along with weight loss, there are a ton of other green tea benefits that you might not know about. Many people use green tea as an alternative to regular black tea because of its reputation for helping with weight loss. Some drink it because of its refreshing taste and low levels of caffeine. But, those are not the only green tea benefits that you’d be interested to know about. Let’s dive in to know about some interesting aspects about the tea.

Is Green Tea Good for You

If you are questioning is green tea good for you or not, then you most likely want to know about the possible side effects of drinking green tea.

Green Tea Powder

If you are a person with a healthy immune system without any allergy to green tea or caffeine, there should virtually be no side effects of drinking green tea for you.

But if you are someone who suffers from caffeine sensitivity then you might experience some insomnia or stomach problems and mood changes when you drink green tea.

People who are on some kind of drug to battle one condition or another could also be at risk and should drink green tea with caution. People on a blood thinner or stimulant drug might have to give up on the green tea benefits as their conditions might be negatively triggered by the consumption of the tea.

10 Amazing Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Beautiful Skin

Seeing the evidence of the numerous green tea benefits for skin, no wonder it is a part of countless face packs and masks. Green tea is known for its reputation to prevent skin cancer which it does thanks to the antioxidants in it.

Green tea can also help your skin fight the signs of premature aging. The antioxidants in green tea are quite capable of rejuvenating your skin cells and making your skin look younger and healthier. Using green tea as an ingredient in face masks can give you multiple benefits. It is quite common for many people to suffer from sunburns on a sunny day. In such cases, the anti-inflammatory properties that green tea has can help reduce irritation and swelling.

Green tea is also quite good at preventing acne and working as a moisturizer. People with dry skin can clearly see the green tea benefits when it is used as a moisturizer. Green tea can make your skin look softer and smoother than it was while using normal moisturizers.

There are multiple benefits of drinking green tea for the skin too. Your skin will gradually become healthier as you keep drinking green tea. Green tea can flush toxins from the body, which purifies your blood. The effect of this can be seen quite clearly on your skin as it gets a glow from within.

Green Tea Benefits for Hair

Healthy hair

The green tea benefits for hair are because of the Vitamins and caffeine present in it. Green tea has Vitamin B and C, both of which are essential for maintaining the health of your hair.

Along with Vitamins, green tea also has panthenol and theanine, both of which are ingredients used in many shampoos and conditioners to provide strength to your hair. These compounds along with Vitamin B can work wonders in strengthening your roots.

Drinking green tea can also help you prevent baldness by preventing hair fall and promoting the growth of new hair. You will also notice your hair getting smoother and shinier gradually as you start drinking green tea.

People who suffer from dandruff should give green tea a try. Green tea can also help your hair grow longer in a shorter amount of time. So, if you care about your hair, green tea is something you would want to add to your diet.

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea is packed with compounds that can make green tea very beneficial for anyone’s health. Green tea has antioxidants, flavonoids, and many more compounds that can give your immune system a nice little boost.

Drinking green tea on a regular basis might have a cleansing effect on your body. It helps flush away the toxins from your body and helps with digestion. So, overall drinking green tea can be highly beneficial for the health of your stomach.

Drinking green tea can also benefit your heart and blood pressure levels. It also is seen to help in reducing the cholesterol level. And because drinking green tea can help boost your immune system, you will be far less likely to suffer from diseases like colds, flu, or cough.

The risk of several kinds of cancers like lung cancer, or skin cancer is also seen to be reduced for people who incorporate green tea into their diet. Green tea is even said to help with improving brain functions and preventing two kinds of diabetes.

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine in It

Many people don’t like drinking either one of tea or coffee in spite of their numerous benefits because of the high amount of caffeine present in these two drinks. For such people, green tea can be a safer alternative.

The answer to the question “does green tea have caffeine in it” is yes. But green tea is preferred over the other caffeinated drinks because the amount of caffeine present in green tea is very low.

Depending upon the type of green tea and the method of brewing, an 8-oz serving of green tea contains somewhere between 30-50 mg of caffeine. About 400 mg of caffeine is considered to be a safe amount that can be daily consumed by most adults, and the caffeine content in green tea is significantly lower than that.

So, it is okay for you to drink multiple cups of green tea in a day. And compared to the green tea benefits, the small amount of caffeine is completely acceptable as a price.

Does Green Tea Help with Weight Loss

Green Tea benefits: Weight loss

If you are wondering does green tea help with weight loss and how does green tea help in weight loss, we are here to tell you exactly that.

Green tea is low in fat and rich in antioxidants, stimulants, and other active ingredients. Adding it to your meal will help accelerate your metabolism and help your body burn fat faster. You will be able to see the green tea benefits in the form of a healthier digestive system and ease of losing weight.

The amino acids in green tea are also quite good at relaxing our brain. If you didn’t already know, it is way easier to lose weight when your mind is calm and relaxed. You may have noticed yourself eating more food that is high in calories and sugar when you are stressed. Drinking green tea will do the opposite for your body and help you lose weight faster.

How to Make Green Tea

Making Tea

Now that you know all the green tea benefits, you might want to make yourself a nice cup of tea already. You may already know how to make green tea but if you don’t, we are here to tell you.

The process of how to make green tea is fairly simple. Here is a simple step by step process of how to make green tea from instant green tea teabags:

  1. Boil some water. Let it cool a little for about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Put a teabag in a cup and pour some of the warmed water in it.
  3. Let the tea bag sit in the water sit for 3-6 minutes according to your desired strength of the tea.
  4. Remove the tea bag and enjoy your drink.

If you want to know how to make green tea from tea leaves, here is a method:

  1. Take a tablespoon of green tea for a cup of tea and put it on a strainer.
  2. Warm (not boil) some water on a stove and put the strainer containing the tea leaves.
  3. After half a minute, use a spoon to taste the tea and when it has reached your desired strength, remove it from the heat and enjoy your hot beverage.

According to the type of green tea, the taste and strength of your tea might very a bit. There are also a lot of recipes of green tea that can both enhance the green tea benefits and its taste.

As you have seen green tea is definitely a strong contender for being one of the best health foods out there. There are green tea benefits your skin, it benefits your hair and your health. All in all, we can say that green tea benefits our whole body.

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