7 Reasons Why the PUBG Ban in India is a Good Thing

India has banned a number of applications that belong to Chinese companies and PUBG is one of these applications. The PUBG ban in India has been speculated ever since the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in July 2020. Before the PUBG ban in India took place, another very popular online mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang has been banned and fans of both the games were happy that at least they had PUBg to keep them company.

But now that the PUBG ban in Indi has taken place, the situation is different. India has a lot of PUBG fans and the PUBG ban in India is definitely not making them happy. Many are still looking at the PUBG ban update and PUBG ban news so that they can find a clue on when PUBG will be unbanned in India so that they can play their favorite game again. But, the PUBG ban in India is not the worst thing that can happen to you, actually it can have some quite positive effects on your health. So, let’s look at them.

The PUBG Ban in India is Actually Good for Your Eyes

It is no secret that starring at a phone for a long time can have numerous negative effects on our eyes. PUBG matches tend to last for about half an hour at least. While playing online games on your phone like PUBG, you tend to blink less, while focusing on the same part of the screen for a long time. This can cause eye strain, which can be very uncomfortable. Due to blinking less, the flow of tears is also affected, which can lead to dryness in the eyes and irritation.

Prolong starring at the screen can also cause a problem in focusing on anything other than your smartphone screen. These problems effects children more but adults are not truly immune from it either. So the PUBG ban in India can lead to healthier eyes among the Indian children and adults.

You may End up Experiencing Less Migraines

Many studies show that people who have higher screen time usage are more likely to suffer from migraines. So, if the PUBG ban in India can end up reducing your screen usage time, It will also reduce the time you spend suffering from a migraine. Other ways you can get a migraine are from stress and sleeping less than they are supposed to. Both of these can be caused by playing PUBG or other similar types of games too much. So, because of the PUBG ban in India, three of the causes of migraines are getting eliminated along with one game which you have to admit is a pretty good thing.

You May Also Get Rid of Neck and Back Pains

less neck pain due to pubg ban

Ever noticed your neck and back feeling soar after gaming for hours? That is because you tend to sit in a position that is really uncomfortable for your neck and back when you play games. You tend to lean forward as the game progresses in order to get a better view of the screen and that arches your back and neck in an uncomfortable posture.

During the game, you may not even realize it, but sitting with a bad posture always comes with a dose of pain. Now that the source of distraction has been cut off, thanks to the PUBG ban in India, pay attention to the way you sit when you sit and keep correcting your posture, your pain should disturb you less.

Your Sleep Pattern will Improve Drastically

better sleep due to PUBG ban

The blue light emitted from smartphones and from your laptop screens can have a drastic negative impact on you. It can trick your brain into thinking that it is not time to sleep yet even at night, which will lead to the inability to sleep, which is why the advice is to not use screens before you sleep. Insomnia and various other sleep disorders are most common now than ever, which can be partially credited to people’s addiction to their smartphones. People now tend to use smartphones and laptops even before they go to bed.

Playing video games like PUBG before bed is a specially bad idea as the adrenalin from the game will keep your brain from relaxing and going to sleep for quite some while even after you have put your phone down. So, if the PUBG ban in India can stop you from playing PUBG and other games before bed, it is ultimately great for your body. You will get the sleep you need at night and you can be more productive during the day.

You May Get Rid of Fatigue and Low Energy Level Throughout the Day

Fatigue may be caused by a lack of sleep, which can be caused by playing games on your smartphone on a laptop for too long. It is pretty obvious if you spend too much time at night playing PUBG, during the day, you are not going to have a lot of energy in your body since it is not getting the rest it needs.

People who live a healthier lifestyle do not experience fatigue unless there are some other underlying conditions. Playing games every once a while is not going to hurt anybody, but as highly addictive as PUBG is, people tend to play it way too much which is definitely not good for the body. So quitting the game due to the PUBG ban in India may even lead you to a healthier life, a life with no fatigue and weakness.

You will be able to feel a Significant Improvement on Your Mood in General

Be honest, how do you feel when you suddenly get killed during the game when you didn’t expect it at all. Feels like you want to through your phone to the nearest wall, doesn’t it? Games like PUBG or other win-lose games can have a quite negative effect on our mood, especially because they are kind of violent.

It is also no secret that the player communities found in these games can be highly toxic. Foul language and cursing are quite normal during these games. Losing the game causes unnecessary stress in your lives which you brush off as nothing, but that is what keeps you coming back for more and more, and if you fail to win after several tries, your mood will be ruined for quite a while. You can now just avoid that whole experience. Just take advantage of the PUBG ban in India and quit playing games that significantly bring your mood down when you lose them.

Your Mental Health Will Also Experience a Shift Towards the Positive Direction

Games like PUBG are quite violent and being surrounded by any violent situation for too long is never good for anyone’s mental health. The game is very addictive which may blind you from many of its ill effects. The visuals of the game are very similar to the real world, and people who play it too much may even have trouble in differentiating the two worlds. The violent nature of the game may also lead to stripping people off of their empathy and other human emotions.

The dopamine rush that the brain gets while playing the game is also very hard to replace, which is why doing normal chores or things that you actually need to do like study or your job gets more and more difficult to do. In the long term, this may lead to strong feelings of unhappiness, or what many people call depression.

In fact, just the urge of playing video games for too long is also a mental disorder, which is called gaming disorder or internet gaming disorder. People who suffer from this disorder are also at the risk of suffering from OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD and as we previously mentioned, depression. So, quit gaming if you can, take the PUBG ban in India as a sign that it is high time for you to do so.

Now, it goes without saying, only quitting PUBG because of the PUBG ban in India will not be of any help to you if you just find another game to replace it. Along with the PUBG ban in India, the banning of 117 other applications also took place. These apps were used massively in the Indian markets and the banning is giving a chance to its Indian counterparts, which is another good thing. so, even though you may be sad because your favorite game was banned, you can know, that it is better once you look at the bigger picture.

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