5 Healthy Habits During Lockdown Extension | 5 Habits You Should Adopt

The lockdown extension in India has been announced to be up to 17 May. To answer the question of why lockdown has been extended, it is not a secret that it is because of the coronavirus pandemic. If are bored to death staying home and don’t know what to do during the lockdown extension, we have got 5 activities that can help you become healthier along with giving you something to do. These 5 healthy habits during lockdown extension that you should follow include exercising for keeping you physically fit, meditation for the well-being of the mind, eating healthy food, practicing healthy habits, and drinking more water. So do not only read this post but also make sure you will practice these healthy habits during lockdown extension.


Exercise-healthy habits during lockdown extension

Most of us become couch potatoes when we get vacations. And we got a pretty long one due to the coronavirus outbreak. But you can stay fit and sine if you do regular exercise which is one of the best healthy habits during lockdown extension. Now instead of wondering when the lockdown will be over, what you can do is utilize the lockdown to be healthier. Don’t sit idly all day, do some physical activities. Start with some light stretching. Go ahead and set a goal in mind. What features on your body that you have always wanted to build. Is it toned abs or a flat waist and tummy! Now you can stop using the exercise of not having enough time and start right ahead. Click here to get some ideas about the lockdown home workout.


yoga for strong immunity

There is a reason so many people swear by the benefits of meditation. Meditation can be an extremely nourishing activity for the body, the mind, and the soul. If you have never tried meditation before, the lockdown extension can be a sign for you to start practicing this healthy habit. Meditation is basically learning to clam the noise in our minds. Meditation can be a bit difficult to do in the beginning phase, but with times it gets easier. Regularly meditating can reduce stress, enhances our tolerance, self-awareness, and attention span. It can be highly beneficial for our emotional and mental health. Furthermore, doing yoga can help you improve your immunity which can be very essential during such pandemic. You will get a whole lot of long term benefits by practicing these healthy habits during lockdown extension. Check out Yoga For Strong Immunity To Fight Covid-19

Eat Healthily


The coronavirus outbreak again reminded us of how important it is to have a healthy immune system. With the abundance of mouth watery fat food that comes with the ease of home delivery, we might sometimes get tempted to stuff ourselves with unhealthy junk food. These foods are high in salt, sugar, and fat that leads to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or diabetes and has a huge negative impact on our immune system. So, use this lockdown extension and the closure of restaurants as an opportunity to built up some healthy eating habits. Ditch pizzas and chicken burgers and make a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, proteins, and carbohydrates. Incorporate foods like turmeric, yogurt, or almonds to your diet or a stronger immune system and fight the coronavirus outbreak and all future outbreaks like a pro.

Practice Healthy Sleeping Habits

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, let’s use the rest of the days of the lockdown extension to built up habits that push us a step forward to be healthy. It might be tempting to stay on the bed till noon since you have nothing better to do. But waking up early daily can help form it into a habit. In order to wake up early, you need to sleep early. This can be a tough thing for some to do. But the good news is you can use this lockdown extension to built up healthy sleep habits that can help you fall asleep super quick. And you can use the time in the morning to do some meditation or light exercise.

healthy sleep

Instead of starring on your phone all day, go ahead and pick up a book. You can learn to cook, which can help you control your diet better. Try some face or hair remedies you can easily make at home. Nourish yourself, you may never get so much free time to yourself again.

Drink More Water

water-healthy habits during lockdown extension

One underrated habit that affects the whole of our body is drinking enough fluid. Water helps flush out the toxins being produced in our bodies. Water helps us keep hydrated and works as a cooling agent for our bodies. Our body needs a certain amount of water to function well. Deficiency of water may subtly lead to many health problems like dehydration, dizziness which in long term effects our kidney and contributes as a cause of diabetes. So, make a habit of drinking a tall glass of water every day as soon as you wake up. Make sure to drink around 2 liters every day. Don’t go overboard though as drinking too much water can also lead to health problems like delirium, confusion, and even seizure.

These are hardly the only habits you can practice and grow this lockdown to be healthier. You can see the lockdown extension as an opportunity. Rather than taking the lockdown extension news as a negative one, we can see it as a positive thing as it has given us something we have been making an excuse for not getting much, time. Do follow these healthy habits during lockdown extension. Take this time to explore yourself, and let us emerge healthier and happier than ever.

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