How To Use Hand Sanitizer In The Proper Way To Kill Most Germs

Sanitizers are on a sudden boom due to the whole coronavirus outbreak. So much so that the stores are out of sanitizers within weeks. Some are even making their own sanitizers at home. Everyone is using them, but not everyone knows how to use hand sanitizer correctly. Most people just slather some sanitizer one the palm of their hand, rub both hands a little, and call it a day. Also since sanitizers are highly flammable due to its alcohol content sometimes accidents happen due to carelessness. Are you using sanitizers properly? Let’s find out. Let’s also find out how to use hand sanitizer the proper way.

how to use hand Sanitizers made at home

What Are Sanitizers?

Sanitizers are hand rub liquids or gels used in the absence of water and soap in order to clean hands. Basically they are used in order to remove germs from hands. Sanitizers are mostly used during travel, as it is sometimes hard to find water and soap to wash our hands while we are traveling. They are quite a handy tool for traveling and works pretty well to remove germs in the absence of soap or handwash. However, handwashing is totally essential and is preferred over sanitizers for germ removal.

How To Use Hand Sanitizer Properly?

  • Remove all the visible dirt ( grease, dust, organic matter or food particles) from your hands. Sanitizers only remove germs, not dirt. Using sanitizer on dirty hands would be useless.
  • Pour out a generous amount of sanitizer on the palm of your hand. The amount should be enough to cover both palms and the back of the hand. Start by pouring sanitizer to the size of a coin and pour more if required.
  • In order to apply the sanitizer to the whole surface of your palm and the back of your hand, rub both of your hands together. Be gentle and make sure to rub it well so that it coats both of your hands. Make sure not to miss your fingernails and in between your fingers. If you wear jewelry as rings or bracelets take them off in order to clean the skin under them. Germs can lurk around the sides of rings and bracelets. Apply the sanitizer up to 2 inches of your wrist.
  • Keep rubbing the sanitizers on the surface of your hands for about 30 seconds.
  • Let the sanitizer dry out before using your hands again. Do not work with wet hands.

These are the simple steps on how to use hand sanitizer effectively. It is important to learn how to use sanitizer for cleaning hands properly as the outbreak of coronavirus as well as hantavirus is shaking the world.

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