Recovery From Coronavirus: 5 Questions One Might Have About It


Coronavirus has been terrifying people for months now. The number of infected people is increasing and the coronavirus effects can really be seen in people’s lives. The normal way of life completely changed and we have the coronavirus pandemic to thank for it. While the spread is definitely terrifying, a lot of people are recovering from it. More than 928k people have recovered from the disease.

The recovery from coronavirus rate is a mare 3.36 % when we compare it to the total number of infected people. However, the number of people who have died from the disease is even less, about 217k. So what does it actually mean to recover from this disease? are the people who recover from the diseases safe now? Or is there a chance of those people getting infected again? Is it safe for us to see them? Let us find out answers to some of the questions like that.

Recovery From Coronavirus- What Does It Actually Mean?

recovery from coronavirus

As serious as the diseases is a lot of coronavirus symptoms actually are quite similar to flu, at least in the initial stage. That is why many people mistook coronavirus for a bad case of flu. Coronavirus however as we have witnessed is very different and much worse than flu.

When the Covid-19 Virus attacks our body symptoms like fever, cough, headache, and pain shows up in our body. However, in the meanwhile, our immunity system also starts working on producing antibodies that start their work on destroying the virus and making us healthy again. So, many people start getting better after showing the initial symptoms of the diseases. However, for people who have a weaker immune system, the virus attacks their lungs and kidneys and the severe symptoms of the diseases start showing up. People can still get better if their immune system gains the ability to destroy the virus even after the severe symptoms appear.

When a person recovers from the coronavirus disease, the symptoms reduce and then slowly disappears completely. Some amount of viruses, however, may remain in the patient’s system. These viruses do not cause any additional symptoms. The patient generally is not left with any severe or long term health effects of the virus attack. After recovery, a coronavirus patient can definitely live a consequence-free life apart from the memory of the whole experience. Scientists, however, speculate about the possibility of compromised lung capacity in the recovered patients. This is however just speculation.

How Long Does The Recovery From Coronavirus Take?

The process of recovery takes different amounts of time for different people. It depends upon how severe the person’s symptoms are. A patient with mild symptoms can recover much quicker and easier than a person who suffers from more serious diseases.

Recovery From Coronavirus Mild Symptoms

recovery from coronavirus

The main mild symptoms that coronavirus patients experiences are fever, dry cough, body aches, fatigue, headache, etc. People suffering from mild symptoms tend to get better after a week or two. People who have a strong immune system are the ones that beat the diseases the fastest. Generally, the fever lasts up to a week or so and the cough tends to linger up to two weeks on average.

Recovery From Coronavirus Symptoms That are More Severe

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If the body is unsuccessful in producing antibodies in time, about within 10 days of suffering from the infection, the severe symptoms start to appear on the body. It might get harder to breathe. The person then has to be hospitalized and provided oxygen. This happens because of the inflammation of the lungs. A patient may take up to 2 to 8 weeks to recover if he is in condition this severe.

If the condition of the coronavirus patient continues to deteriorate they might be needed to be admitted to the ICU( Intensive Care Unit). This patient might need to be put on a ventilator and being sedated. Recovery from this stage is not very easy. It can take up to 12 to 18 long months in order to complete recovery from coronavirus.

Being this long in the ICU may cause a severe toll on the physical and mental health of the patient. Weight loss leads to weakness. Some might even need physiotherapy to walk and intensive care to recover from the trauma of the whole experience. Predicting the exact time of recovery is quite difficult as it differs for different people. Some might recover after spending only a few days to weeks in the ICU. But for some, it does take months to get cured.

How Do People Have A Recovery From Coronavirus?

recovery from coronavirus

As soon as the body faces an attack by the coronavirus, our body gets started working on the antibody to kill the virus. Our immune system is quite capable of doing so. That is the reason why so many people recovered from the disease. The tricky thing, however, is to keep the people safe from the severe symptoms of the disease.

Since there are no drugs or vaccines available that can work as a coronavirus antidote and kill the virus, the doctors have to rely on our internal antibodies to kill the virus. Until then they treat the symptoms of the disease. For example, they provide cough or fever medicines to treat the cough and fever that a patient suffers from due to the coronavirus attack. The immune system fights with the virus.

The symptoms are treated through medicines, rest, and plenty of fluid intakes, at least in the initial stage. The main challenge is to treat patients who suffer from severe diseases like kidney failure or lung disease. The health professionals try their best to keep the patient alive through these complexions until their body produces the antibody required to destroy the virus.

Can A Person Get Infected Twice?

recovery from coronavirus

In the case of infections by viruses like the Covid 19 virus, the attack kind of creates a training system in our body. So when the body faces an attack by the same virus for a second time it recognizes the virus. When that happens it triggers an immune response that makes the virus attack obsolete. This is kind of how vaccines work to protect our body from deadly diseases.

As a virus-borne disease, people should gain immunity from coronavirus diseases once they have been infected. But cases of people getting infected by the virus for a second time has been seen in some cases. But the reports are not completely sure yet if the patients were indeed infected by the virus for a second time or not. There are reports of people testing positive for a second time comes from, China, Osaka, Japan, and South Korea.

However, the positive result also could be because of the high sensitivity of the coronavirus tests. The thing is not a lot of information is still available about the virus yet. That is one of the reasons why coronavirus is dangerous and no vaccine is available for the virus yet.

Is It Safe To Come In Contact With Someone Who Has Made Recovery From Coronavirus?

maintain social distance

There might still be a bit of virus population left in a person’s system even after the recovery from coronavirus infection. That is why it is advisable for a person to remain in self-quarantine even after the recovery from coronavirus disease. We can call the quarantine one of the coronavirus after effects.

People who had a recovery from coronavirus can be incredibly valuable to the research of vaccines and other medications to kill the virus. After recovering from the disease how the body reacts to the virus can be the key to unlocking the coronavirus remedies. However, they should still maintain social distancing for up to two weeks. The virus is seen to stay in a patient’s system even after the symptoms stop appearing. So contact with someone infected by coronavirus is not completely safe even after the recovery of the virus. That is why social distancing and self-quarantine are such important steps in preventing the coronavirus outbreak.

We wish for the better future of the world. If we spread enough awareness amongst others then it will take not so long to over come this pandemic. Thank you for visiting us and do visit and share our posts to spread awareness.

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