Symptoms of Coronavirus: Look Out if You Have Any of These

symptoms of coronavirus

Surely you all have at least heard by now about the coronavirus outbreak in china. The outbreak comes with a ton of symptoms of coronavirus that in many ways mimic the symptoms of flu. The phenomenon is not just limited to China anymore. The virus has spread to a number of countries all over the globe. The disease is quite mysterious in nature. There is a serious lack of tests and knowledge about the virus.

More research and tests are going on in the medical field about the virus while it is being spread all over the world at a pace so rapid that it frightens many. The symptoms of coronavirus are quite common and many of you might even have one or two symptoms right now. So could it be that you are under the influence of this virus too? Let’s find out by learning out more about the virus and the symptoms of the disease.

What Is Coronavirus?

The virus is said to be originated from China. Coronavirus infection has spread fast and it is one of the most talked-about diseases in the world right now. While the exact origin of the disease is still under mystery there are a lot of speculations going on about the origin of the disease. Mainly coronavirus causes diseases in mammals and birds. The virus is said to be found in the system of spices of bats that live in the Shitao caves of the Chinese mountains.

The virus gets its name from the protein spikes all around its circular body. These spikes look like crowns which are known as corona in Latin. Although the virus and the disease are simply popularized by the name coronavirus, the name coronavirus actually refers to a group of viruses. the one that is causing all the chaos in the present moment is known as Covid-19. This version of the virus is especially dangerous because it can spread really easily and can cause severe problems in our lungs kidneys and can even result in death.

How Coronavirus Spreads?

symptoms of coronavirus sneeze

Coronavirus spreads through contact with the virus. This contact might be made with a diseased person or a surface containing the virus. The cough or sneeze of an infected person contains the virus and it is spread in the air through the sneeze or cough. If another healthy person inhales the air containing the virus, it may infect them. If a person touches a surface containing coronavirus and then touches their face, the virus enters their system through their mouth or breath. That is why traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic is so dangerous.

The virus can not penetrate through our skin, therefore we are safe as long as the virus doesn’t get a chance to enter inside our body. But if it gets into our system through our mouth or nose, it can infect our body. That is why we should wash our bodies and clothes after we get back from anywhere we might have a chance to come in contact with the virus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus range from mild to severe. The symptoms of coronavirus are not really that specific. They include fever, pneumonia or soar throat which are quite general symptoms that can occur even when we have a common cold or allergy. Many of the coronavirus symptoms have similarities with the symptoms of another disease like influenza or bronchitis.

Mild Symptoms

The symptoms include

  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Muscle Aches
  • Headache
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Short of Breath
  • Tiredness

Severe Symptoms of Coronavirus

The severe symptoms of coronavirus include

  • Pneumonia
  • Kidney Failure
  • Death

There is no proper coronavirus antidote yet discovered. The virus is quite new in the medical field. So there isn’t any medication that can directly attack the virus and kill it. However, the disease is not incurable. The symptoms can be fought using medication and proper medical care. Moreover, antibodies are provided to people who do not have a strong enough immune system to fight the virus. The elderly and children who have a weak immune system are more at risk from this virus. So the best chance is to avoid the virus which can be accomplished by wearing masks and maintaining proper hygiene.

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