Making Homemade Sanitizer: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Sanitizers are one of the most demanded items in grocery shops right now. People are doing everything from stocking it beforehand to making homemade sanitizers. While the coronavirus pandemic is creating fear and panic among the public, the things that can kill the SARS COVID-19 virus are in high demand right now. Sanitizers are one of those products.

Sanitizers are quite popular because they are easy to use. We can use them even if there is no water available nearby. Due to this, stores are quickly selling out sanitizers leaving none left. Because of this, many are making sanitizers at home. However, all homemade sanitizers are not safe or even effective in killing the SARS virus. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to making your own sanitizers at home. We are here to tell the basic precautions that should be taken while making homemade sanitizer.

Precautions To Take While Making Homemade Sanitizer

Accidents like alcohol poising or fire might happen from carelessness. Homemade sanitizers contain rubbing alcohol and if it is not added in the right proportion it may cause irritation or alcohol poisoning. Irritation and burning due to rubbing alcohol are more common in children. Therefore it is advisable to let children use commercially sold sanitizer. These accidents can easily be avoided by taking some extra steps of precautions during making homemade sanitizer.

making homemade sanitizer

The Proportion

The proportion of all the ingredients should be exactly as much as mentioned in the homemade sanitizer recipe. If the proportions of the ingredients are not proper the sanitizer might either be ineffective in removing germs. Wrong proportions also might cause irritation and itching on skin.

Also, it is really important to check the kind of alcohol you are using while making homemade sanitizer. If you use 70% alcohol and follow the recipe that calls for a 99% alcohol formula your calculation will be all wrong and your sanitizer will be ineffective. If you use the 99% kind when you were actually supposed to use the 70% kind, you will end up damaging your hand. So be careful and check the kind that the sanitizer recipe needs you to use.

Concentration Of Alcohol

While making homemade sanitizer with alcohol the concentration of alcohol used should be proper in order for the sanitizer to work. It is also important to use rubbing alcohol of proper concentration so it would not cause irritation in our skin. Generally rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol of 99% alcohol content should be used in order to prepare homemade sanitizer with alcohol.

Use Clean Utensils And Hands When Making Homemade Sanitizer

Using clean utensils while making your homemade sanitizer spray is very important. If germs get into the sanitizer during the manufacturing process, it will not be very effective in removing germs from your hands. Wash your hands properly before making the sanitizer. Also, clean the workplace and the tools to be used properly before work.

homemade sanitizer

These are the basic precautions to be followed while making homemade sanitizer. These are different from the precautions to be taken while using homemade sanitizer. Now whether the sanitizer is homemade or brought from a store, did you know there is a proper way to use hand sanitizer. Seems like there is a lot to learn about the use of sanitizer than just slathering some roughly on hands.

When it comes to killing germs, sanitizers always come second to soaps. Sanitizers can only remove germs from hands, but it is quite useless when it comes to removing dirt and grease from hands. But as a quick way to clean our hands on the absence of soap, hand sanitizers are pretty competent. So if you have to go outside make sure to keep a bottle of home sanitizer in your pocket.

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