Travel Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak To Keep You Comparatively Safer

The very first of many travel tips during coronavirus outbreak will be the advice to just not travel. People traveling from the coronavirus affected countries to new ones are exactly the way the disease became a worldwide epidemic. The coronavirus outbreak in China has now become a worldwide problem due to the tourists traveling from China to other countries.

Because of this, now we hear about cases of coronavirus in England, coronavirus cases in India, in Italy, and a lot of other countries. People traveling to their hometowns and meeting with people even after seeing the coronavirus early symptoms contributed further to the spread of the disease. Even after knowing all this, if you still need to travel for some unavoidable reason, please follow these travel tips during coronavirus outbreak to stay safe.

For the sake of stopping the spread, please take it seriously and be safe. Stay at home or quarantined as much as possible and if you have an urgency to travel then these are the travel tips during coronavirus that you should follow.

Avoid International Travel

Internation travel is one of the ways to put yourself at most risk of being infected by the virus. Especially traveling to countries where coronavirus spread is most apparent. Countries including China, Italy, the UK, etc are best avoided during this outbreak. Try to cancel or at least postpone your trips if they happen to be to one of these countries by all means possible. Stay where you are now. If you happen to survive, you can take care of whatever it is you need to do so bad after the outbreak is over and it is safe to go back to our normal lives again.

Wear Face Masks to Avoid Coronavirus

Face masks are a must during this outbreak. Wearing them might be a bit uncomfortable if it is your first time wearing them. You might even have a bit of trouble breathing, but that’s a good thing. It’s better not to be able to breathe because of a mask then due to being a coronavirus disease patient. One of the coronavirus symptoms includes shortness of breath. So if you happen to experience that without wearing a mask, immediately go to a doctor and please wear a mask while on your way to the doctor.

Wash Your Hands as Often as Possible

washing your hands as a Travel tips during coronavirus

During this outbreak, we can benefit from being a bit of a germophobe. Wash your hands whenever you can, if you happen to be in a situation where that is not possible, use sanitizer. There still are no drugs or antidote that can cure or prevent the virus from affecting our body. Research is going on and four new drugs are launched that could be effective according to WHO, but the results are not conclusive yet.

The spread of the virus, however, can be stopped to a great extent if we wash our hands. Using soap, disinfectant and sanitizers is also a must that can save us from this epidemic. Make sure that the soap or disinfectant you are using are alcohol-based to make sure that it can kill the virus before it gets in your respiratory system.

Always Keep a Sanitizer at Your Reach

hand sanitizer

The prices of sanitizers are increasing due to it’s increasing demand. So, it might be wise to purchase enough sanitizer to last you at least for a month or two. Sanitizers are a very handy tool when traveling as you you may not always be in a situation that allows you to keep washing your hands. Use it before you need to touch your face for any reason.

Using it before or after you take any meal is obviously a must. You can also make sanitizers at home if you can’t find them in any store. However, be careful while making and using homemade sanitizers. It could cause harm and irritation and be useless in protecting from coronavirus if the proportion of the ingredients were any wrong.

Don’t Get Too Close To people

Maintaining a safe distance from people would be a good idea when traveling. You might meet a lot of people on your trip. You never know where they have been before you meet them. Any of them might or might not have come in contact with the deadly virus. Now it might seem a bit antisocial but maybe just during this outbreak stay by yourself. Do not interact much with people. If you see someone coughing or sneezing definitely stay away from them. Do not share your stuff like tissue or mask with people. Definitely do not share food or water. Being antisocial isn’t that bad. Especially when it is for the sake of spreading this epidemic.

Avoid Eating Food That Are Not Prepared Under Known Condition

avoiding takeout as a Travel tips during coronavirus

You might need to let go of the luxury to eat out for the sake of stopping this outbreak. Food that is not properly handled and cooked can contribute to the spread of the virus. In fact, a wet market in China that sells raw seafood is where the disease first started. While it is safe to consume animal products that come from healthy animals, it is still important to properly cook and wash them before consumption.

Even plant-based food should be properly washed too before consumption and cooking. You can not know if the food you order from outside is cooked by following proper hygiene. And you also have no way to know if the animal products used in the food com from a healthy animal or not. So try to consume that are prepared under known conditions when you travel.

These travel tips during coronavirus can keep you comparatively safe from the virus. We would still advise you to stay home as there are still conclusively proved way known that can keep you totally safe from the virus. The virus is spreading at a level where taking measures are necessary.

For more information on the disease and it’s spread follow websites like WHO and other health websites. Stay updated. Also, visit these other articles from our site to gain more information on the disease.

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