Things To Keep In Mind While Using Homemade Sanitizer

Sanitizer is a great alternative to hand washing in emergency situations. Sanitizers contain alcohol that kills and removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and other germs from our hands. That is why people are not hesitating to even make their own handmade sanitizers spray bottles when they can not find any in stores. Before using homemade sanitizer if you have questions like is homemade sanitizer safe or does homemade hand sanitizer really work, we have got some answers for you. Also, make sure you are not only following the sanitizer guidelines but also wearing masks to prevent coronavirus. So, let’s dive in and find out.

Precautions To Take While Using Homemade Sanitizer

using homemade sanitizer

Homemade sanitizer made following the correct formula and procedure does work. Although there are some precautions that one should take while using homemade sanitizer gel or spray.

Don’t Use Sanitizer If It Causes Irritation or Itching After Touching The skin


The thing about homemade sanitizer is that, while making it, the proportion of the ingredients might be a little less or more than the required amount due to human error. There are a ton of things one should keep in mind while making their own handmade sanitizer. A sanitizer made with the wrong proportion may cause irritation and burn. To avoid this test on your skin by applying a little bit of it on your hand. If it does not causes any itching or burn, go ahead and use it as you like.

Don’t Use Sanitizer when Your Hands are Visibly Dirty

dirty hands

Sanitizers should not be used on greasy and dirty hands. This goes for sanitizer of all kinds, homemade and otherwise. Sanitizers only work for the purpose of removing or killing germs from hands. They are utterly ineffective in removing oil or grease or dirt like soap. Sanitizers should never be replaced with handwashing itself. Using soap and handwash is irreplaceable in order to remove all kinds of dirt, germs, and grease from hands.

Let The Sanitizer Completely Dry

What many people get wrong about using sanitizer is not letting it get dry. There is a proper way when it comes to using any sanitizer. Rubbing your hands in order to dry the sanitizer after applying is an important step in order to kill and remove germs from hands. When we rub our hands together after applying sanitizer on our hands, heat is produced due to the friction caused by the rubbing. The heat evaporates the alcohol along with the bacteria and viruses, removing them from our hands. Rubbing hands is also important to remove the alcohol too, as any leftover alcohol in our hands may cause alcohol poisoning.

Stay Away From Fire

fire accidents

Sanitizers contain alcohol which is highly flammable. There might be fire-related accidents if you are not careful enough. Do not go work with fire immediately after applying sanitizers on your hands. Your hands might get burnt. Also, make sure that you rub your hands enough to dry the sanitizer before working with fire. Be extremely careful so that your hands do not come in contact with fire.

Don’t Let Children Use Homemade Sanitizer

Children have very sensitive skin. Their skin is much more likely to suffer from irritation due to the alcohol present in the homemade sanitizer. Many cases of irritation and burn are seen between children after the use of homemade sanitizer. So, it is best to let children use commercially made sanitizer.


If you follow these you can safely use sanitizers made at home. Just make sure to follow these precautions while making the sanitizer. Oh and here is an article on how to make hand sanitizer with 3 ingredients. Be hygienic and you can avoid a lot of diseases. Stay safe.

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