The Vaccine Of Coronavirus By UK | Status Of Vaccine of Deadly Covid-19 By Oxford University | When Will It Be Ready?

The vaccine of Coronavirus by UK or Oxford University is becoming a trending topic these days. When the entire world is racing against time for making their nation’s corona virus free, UK also has shown vigorous participation to help and find successful vaccines of covid 19. Like other countries, the UK stands on 8th spot for having maximum no. of actives cases and deaths according to WHO. The current covid figures in the UK have gone beyond 260K with over 40K deaths. With this fast-tracked coronavirus, UK has been the first for human trials of the vaccine of coronavirus. This vaccine of Coronavirus by UK is giving new hopes to mankind.


Home testing for coronavirus kits is sent out to people who take their swabs and send them back to be tested. It is a part of the plan for England along with the expansion of drive-thru centers available for essential workers and then mobile testing facilities going to workplaces. Out of three so-called mega-labs staffed partly by volunteers have been set up in the UK to handle the big expansion in virus testing including the one in Glasgow. It is hoping to be doing thousands of tests each day fulfilling more than forty percent of respondents who were struggling to get access to testing. Here are some more details about the vaccine of Coronavirus by UK.

The Vaccine of Coronavirus By UK’s Oxford University

The trials for the vaccine of Coronavirus by UK were performed successfully on humans in the last week of April’20 and everyone is hoping to get the expected results from it. The first human trials of coronavirus vaccine were held in Europe in Oxford University. The significant moment of this has been the two volunteers,  both scientists along within which it was injected to more than 800 adults aged between 18 – 55 who have been recruited for the study. Half the group chat received the covid 19 vaccine and half got a controlled vaccine that protected against meningitis. Although the results haven’t been seen yet and won’t be known for months, already more than a hundred and eighty-six thousand people have died of coronavirus worldwide and the count is unstoppable. In the UK too, more than 740 deaths are recorded every 24 hours in the UK.

The first volunteer in human trials at Oxford was ELISA GRANATO aged 32, a microbiologist. Edward, a cancer researcher was next up. The two scientists too have helped in the making of the vaccine and are hoping for the results to occur in favor.

What would normally take years has been done in three months by scientists at Oxford University. Around eighty groups worldwide are developing coronavirus vaccine. A few others in the US and China have also started human trials after seeing the UK. The only suspicion and fear are that there is no guarantee that any of them will succeed.

How Does This Vaccine of Coronavirus Works?

vaccine of coronavirus by UK

So how does the vaccine of Coronavirus by UK works? The vaccine for trials is being stored in freezers at -80°C. Scientists have taken the genes for the spike protein on the surface of coronavirus and put them into a harmless virus. This forms the vaccine of Coronavirus by UK. After it is injected, the vaccine enters the cells which start to produce the coronavirus spike protein. This prompts the immune system to produce antibodies and activate killer T cells which should recognize the coronavirus in the future and destroy it preventing infection.

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The scientists will only know how effective this vaccine of Coronavirus by UK is if lots of volunteers are exposed to coronavirus and at this moment, where scientists are chasing the end of this current epidemic wave and if they failed in catching that,  they won’t be able to tell whether the vaccine is going to work in the next few months or not. They do expect that there will be more cases in the future because this virus has not gone away yet!

At this moment it will be very difficult to do that with the disease which potentially has quite a high fatality rate so I think if we reached a point where we had some treatments for the disease and we could guarantee the safety of volunteers then that would be a very good way of testing a vaccine. It is alarming to note that there is a theoretical risk that the vaccine could make a coronavirus infection worst but the team thought that highly unlikely and the volunteers will be carefully monitored. “It seems the right thing to do to ensure that we can combat this disease and get over it a lot faster” says scientists at the Oxford.

Vaccine of covid-19

The research of the vaccine of coronavirus by oxford university is showing quite promising results. The Oxford team is hoping to have a million doses of vaccines of Coronavirus ready by September this year with a huge scale-up in manufacturing. After that it is not even clear though who would be prioritized to get the vaccine first but for now we have to wait and see if it works.  Oxford University is desperate for this vaccine of Coronavirus to work but the team in Oxford has a really strong record going back thirty years and they have developed a successful prototype vaccine against another sort of coronavirus MERS which has done well in clinical trials. They have also developed vaccines against pandemics like plague and malaria. Due to their success record in making successful vaccines,  everyone at Oxford is hoping for the results to go well in this pandemic too.

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Now if they don’t get early quick results in the UK, they are considering a trial in Kenya where the epidemic of coronavirus may well be on the rise now. This virus is known to produce a strong antibody response but that doesn’t necessarily equate to protection. We are going to need many vaccines of Coronavirus and there are dozens under development So then we’ll need billions of doses and expect an enormous debate over which countries and which groups of individuals get the vaccine first. However, there is a good chance that this vaccine of Coronavirus by UK will be in-market soon.

It is hard to overstate just how important this vaccine could be and if it proves to be safe and effective, it would represent science giving us the solution to the coronavirus pandemic. Till then everybody would agree that the only way out is just lockdown and the social distancing and this will be able to keep people protected as long as they are willing to stay inside and do keep visiting live updates about coronavirus.

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