Myths About Coronavirus | The Facts Behind 12 Hilarious Coronavirus Myths

We are witnessing a great threat in the name of coronavirus or more specifically we can say Covid-19. It has already killed and taken the lives of many. May their souls rest in peace. Since the virus is quite new to the surface, not much information is available o it. Many of the available facts about the virus are not conclusively proven yet. In this situation, there are some pretty outrageous myths about coronavirus circulating among people that can misinform people. Misinformation can lead to either false panic or false reassurance, none of which are safe to have during this outbreak. Here are some of the coronavirus myths to give you more of an idea about the whole epidemic. Make sure to follow the information that is from reliable sources and steer clear from myths about coronavirus like these.

Coronavirus Was Prepared In a Lab

Lab- cronavirus myths

This is completely incorrect information. Lots of rumors are going on about coronavirus being prepared in a lab as a bio-weapon for purposes like population control. But this is just one of the most hilarious myths about coronavirus. The fact is that coronavirus is similar to that of naturally occurring viruses like SARS and MERS which have caused major outbreaks in past decades.

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5G Causes the Coronavirus

Technology coronavirus myths

Nopes. 5g technology can be considered as a very unlucky piece as it is being continuously blamed for many health problems like cancer, mutation, and now coronavirus. Well, the fact is coronavirus like SARS and MERS has evolved way more before 5g technology and caused havoc in the past. So stop blaming 5g.

Garlic Can Prevent Coronavirus


Absolutely not. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that garlic is good for health as it has some anti-microbial properties but they never stated anything which suggests that it can prevent coronavirus. However, if you have a habit of eating garlic then please let it as it is. Garlic is very good for health and you should eat that. But be careful too as too much of something is always bad.

Alcohol Prevents Coronavirus

It is a partially true statement. Hand sanitizers with more than 60 percent alcohol can kill the virus but the vodka contains up to 40 percent alcohol. So it is true that alcohol can kill the virus but drinking alcohol cannot save you from coronavirus. So the drunkard guys out there are also vulnerable to it.

Antibiotics Can Kill It

It is completely false information and one of the stupidest myths about coronavirus. Antibiotics are effective only against bacteria but Covid-19 is a virus so it cannot protect you from the disease. Do not take any antibiotics to prevent coronavirus. Instead, try homemade sanitizers that can kill Covid-19.

Holding Your Breath For 10 Seconds Prove That You Are Safe

If you can hold your breath comfortably for 10 seconds or longer then it proves that you do not have a lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis. Coronavirus indeed leads to pulmonary fibrosis but the ability to hold your breath for longer than 10 seconds is not a valuable test for pulmonary fibrosis or coronavirus.

Pets Can Spread Coronavirus

This is one of the most popular myths about coronavirus that is not true at all. Well, there have been certain reports that some pets have some mild traces of this virus but scientifically there is no such evidence that it can be transmitted from pets to humans. Even previous experiments with SARS and MERS suggest that it will not make pets such as cats and dogs sick and it will not get transmitted to a human.

Drinking Lots of Water Can Flush Out Coronavirus

Not true. Coronavirus causes respiratory issues and there is not any biological mechanism by which you can flush out effluents from your respiratory tracts. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that drinking lots of water cannot prevent coronavirus. However, drinking lots of water is always a healthy idea and it helps you to flush out your stomach contaminants.

However you can take some preventive measures and avoid coronavirus.

Coronavirus Is Just a Worse Version of Flu

It is completely wrong. Despite being having a mortality rate of 2 percent coronavirus is a lot more dangerous than you think. Winter flu has a mortality rate of only 0.2 percent so coronavirus is 10 times more fatal than winter flu. Keep yourself away from such myths about coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Will Stop During the Summer Season

Coronavirus is not similar to seasonal viruses like influenza which gets less effective during summer. No evidence suggests that coronavirus will lose its ability in summer. Even WHO stated that coronavirus is spreading throughout the world in many different climates.

High Temperature Can Kill Coronavirus

High temperature for coronavirus

This kind of myths about coronavirus is not true. Taking a hot bath may make you feel warm but your body temperature will remain constant from 36 or 37-degree Celcius.  So despite increasing the temperature of the bathing water, you cannot kill coronavirus.

Youngsters And Adults Are Safe

Adults- coronavirus myths

It is true that immunosuppressed people like infants and old-age groups are more susceptible or vulnerable to the virus but youngsters and adults who have a good immune system are also not completely safe from it. The real fact is that people of any age can be infected and die from Covid-19. If you fall in the adult age group then you are less vulnerable but not completely immune against Covid-19. Follow the necessary preventive steps as others are following. Always wear face masks to prevent coronavirus when going outside and try to avoid traveling as much as possible but if you do not have any choice then follow these travel tips to keep you comparatively safer. To get a continuous update about coronavirus, click here.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and share the information as much as you can and let others know the reality behind some myths about coronavirus.

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