This World Laughter Day Bring We You 7 Health Benefits Of Laughing

Do you know when is world laughter day, or how to celebrate world laughter day, or why you should celebrate world laughter day in 2020? Well, one solid reason to celebrate the world laughter day is that there are a ton of health benefits of laughing. These benefits include relieving stress and boosting the immune system, both of which can help us fight diseases a little better. It also helps release endorphins, boosting the T-cells in our body, lowers blood pressure, and improve cardiac health.


With so many health benefits, it is fitting that we celebrate a day dedicated to the essential health ritual of laughing.

A Bit of History of The World Laughter Day

Every year the world laughter day has been being celebrated on the very first Sunday of May since 1998. It was first celebrated in the Indian city of Mumbai and the US joined in too 2005. Many people are still unaware of the health benefits a burst of wholehearted laughter may provide to us. That is why world laughter day is celebrated so that we can let more people know why they should laugh more. In 2020, the whole world is facing a quite stressful and quite unique situation in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. So, it is quite important to remind ourselves to stay positive. The world health day can be a great reminder to keep ourselves happier by laughing out loud more.

Potential Health Benefits of Laughing


Laughing Can Make Us Happier

Laughter can work as a relaxation therapy for the mind. Laughing out loud can make us happier. We laugh when we are happy and laughing can make us happy. Even if you are in a crappy mood laugh out loud, it may actually help make you happier. If you need help laughing, watch a funny video or two. There are a ton available on the internet.

Laughter Reduces stress

World laughter day

Laughing can reduce the level of stress hormones. Laughing is a pretty chill way to relax. Relaxing is a key step in releasing stress and being happy. Reduced can help us get rid of a ton of health problems like heart diseases, depression, high and low blood pressure, and even asthma.

Laughing Is Good For Mental Health

With the reduction of stress and improvement in mood, is it any surprise that laughter can improve your mental health. Laughing can contribute to relieving anxiety and tension. It improves resilience and basically makes our life a bit more enjoyable. So, laugh away at the simplest things of life.

Laughter Boosts The Immune System

Along with eating food to boost immunity, a daily dose of laughter can work like magic for the immune system. This happens because of the reduction of stress results in an increase in diseases fighting antibodies. They help fight various diseases better. This helps in boosting the immune system and make us healthier.

Laughter Improves The Health of our Heart

When we laugh, the blood flow through our vessels increases as laughing improves the blood vessels’ function. This can reduce the risk of heart attacks by a significant amount. That is how laughing can make our hearts a bit healthier. So you see happy people do have a healthier heart.

Laughter Can Trigger The Release of Endorphins

Endorphins are the hormones that contribute to relieving pain. They basically can work as feel-good chemicals. They increase pleasure and decrease pain making us feel generally better about ourselves. Now, who wouldn’t want that! Laughter can almost be seen as a drug that makes us happy, without the negative health reproductions.

Laughing Can Even Work as A Mini Workout

Laughing can even help us burn extra calories without much effort. Now, they might not be a heavy workout that can slim you out in two weeks, but it definitely works. Laughing daily for about fifteen minutes can help you burn off calories worth three to four unsalted crackers. So, next time you wanna eat extra crackers, just laugh more. And with that happy laughing day.

Why World Laughter Day is celebrated?

Laughter is one of the best medicines in the world that can heal one for free. World laughter day is celebrated in order to remind people of this medicine. It is being celebrated since 1998 in order to raise awareness among people about the many health benefits of the act of laughing and it also in a way to enlighten people and help them improve their life.

Is laughter an emotion?

Generally, laughter is the physical response our body executes when we feel the emotion of happiness or delight. While laughter itself isn’t exactly an emotion, it is closely related to the positive emotions of happiness. Sometimes laugh can also be ironic or sad or redicule.

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